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Jack Yan (甄爵恩) @jackyan@mastodon.social

Watching Ronald Lacey play a Chinese man on The New Avengers.

This is a big surprise, being an Online Logistics customer. Dan and Jake were as honest as the day is long when it came to my deal in 2015–16, and I have recommended them to others. nzherald.co.nz/business/news/a

Spent some time upgrading the streaming Mac mini today. Using my week-ends for fun stuff, what a concept!

In my blog: Cambridge Analytica is merely Facebook’s ‘smaller, less ambitious sibling’ dlvr.it/QPYXyT

Sophisticated #beauty: Lola Cristall indulges in luxury skin care, including a natural line from New Zealand, and an exclusive fragrance from Atelier Cologne

lucire.com/2018/0413be0.shtml #skincare #luxury #fragrance

Seriously people who hate me, I don’t even know you. You know who I am. Let that sink in that I live rent free in your mind.

Zuckerberg’s testimony showed that he didn’t give a damn about user privacy, and the news about what Facebook was really doing with personal data was incredibly damning,* yet Facebook closed above $160.


I cannot express my shame that the country in which I live and to which I pay taxes is bombing Syria.


James Comey has carefully cultivated a holier-than-thou persona. And you shouldn't fall for it. https://t.co/Xe04aZTKNG

I recently picked up a rather chunky IBM ThinkPad 380XD. The previous owner used Windows 95 on it. The installation of Internet Explorer still has a cache of MSN home page from August 8th, 1999 :)

Never sold through this Trade Me thing before. Caveat venditor: don’t use their shipping calculator. Just took a big hit on something I sold for $6·50.

If we’re outraged over what Cambridge Analytica did with 87 million users, shouldn’t we be more outraged over what does with 2,000 million? (Read on, it gets worse.)


Actor from the 1980s: ‘I was so honoured to appear in the film version. I grew up reading the novels as a kid.’

Actor from the 2020s: ‘I was so honoured to appear in the film version. I followed their Instagram as a kid.’

Facebook bragged it could influence elections, but removed the pages about it last month. theintercept.com/2018/03/14/fa

Il n'y a pas de place à prendre sur Facebook, il n'y a qu'à déserter. (pensée suite à une réflexion que j'ai trouvée dépassée hier, en assistant à ce qui se disait lors de la présence de @fbon à Nantes).
J'ai été con, j'aurais soudain dû le crier !

Saw a quotation, ‘Steve Bannon has been known to speak hyperbolically.’ I knew it was some kind of bollocks, I just didn’t know the specific type.

Watching Claude Akins as a villain in Mission: Impossible. Opening scene has two hoods steal drugs in a tractor-trailer. Brings a whole new meaning to 'Do it like Pruitt.'