After careful consideration of my past 20 years, I can quite comfortably say I still have no idea what I'm doing

Yup. Getting involved with computers was a terrible mistake. I should have been a carpenter

To be honest completing ACME challenges always feels like some sort of spy mission

"now ssh into that remote server and create a hidden file that contains this secret code"

Github 666

I am sure there's a hidden message somewhere in the pattern created by the green dots ... 😉

I'm so good at SQL, the ladies call me Indiana Joins.

I am not abandoning Patreon by any means but if you previously had qualms with Patreon as a proprietary platform, Mastodon now has a team on Liberapay:

I also have a personal account that some people already pledged to before I signed up, I don't know how to deal with that, but here you go (it's linked from the team)

Back to back github outage days make me happy.

May a thousand self-hosted git repo hosts spring up across the countryside in response.

Git you some gitlab or gogs.

You'll be glad you did.

Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature

Bob Dylan does what he does best: captivates you, tells a story.

Sit down and listen :)

The next POTUS will have it easy: Just mash Ctrl-Z and hope the undo buffer is long enough to reach 2016

I'm willing to take ownership of any mastodon instance if some admin cannot continue or doesn't feel like it. (like, for free and without too many changes)

Excluding single user instances ofc, but I think if it's an open one users should come first anyway, and admins should have a proper way out without telling everyone to leave.

I've not felt this refreshed after my lunch breaks for a long time. I started reading Principia Mathematica by Newton during my lunch breaks, and it's really freshing up my mind. Love it! 😁 Exciting, too.

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