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permaculture yourself

i just emailed everyone in gmail and told them i will be deleting my google account soon. i believe in freedom and open source. if you can't tell by my loud mouth. i like the way this place works. i like the silence of the
gray walls
and that mastodon throwing an envelope.

we should open source the background and paint on it. but you don't have to play if you don't want to. you can do what you like. i mean c'mon. cat stevens already told us that. :)

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@valerauko good question. i think i might do what @lurak and suggested and use an open source email provider like i am mostly interested in communicating publicly and so my buddy @acg suggested that i use mailing groups to talk to different groups i talk with.

that said, i'm interested in PUBLIC communication. i don't want a small group of folks (hello friends!) to be monitoring my communications. ✌️