@ItsTheManOnTheMoon We watch Kubrick’s The Shining every year, and are always looking for others. John Carpenter’s The Thing seems to have legs—we have watched it two of the last three years.

So can I finally shut down my Pinterest account? Is it time?

@KevinHoctor Eagle Rare is our all time favorite, and we try our best to stockpile it when possible so that we always have some around. Cheers!

@chartier I have been so busy that I would’ve totally missed this, but I I might be in the 3% that it matters to. Thank you for boosting!

Was reading about the ideas of neo-fascist philosopher Julius Evola and how they influenced the alt-right, and was thinking “Wow, this guy is comically evil.” Then I found a photo of him.

@WondrousHippo It all changed for me when I started driving out of town most weekends to help a sick family member, then we adopted an energetic dog who needs a lot of long walks. Now I can’t get enough.

How come all the new memes are just Ubuntu version names?

Made it official: replaced the Twitter link on my personal site with #Mastodon.


Something's wrong with the compression though, not sure what's up there. I'll tinker with it.

Also, if you're on WordPress: the Social Media Follow Buttons Bar plugin updated to add a Mastodon option; should be an easy way to add it to your site.

@neven Although I haven’t read it in years, I loved Christopher Moore’s Dirty Job. The beginning was very powerful, and the rest was a fun ride.

@height8 We all have our own systems (some of mine can be quite complicated), but I decided that email wasn’t where I could continue to spend so much of my time and energy. Outside of email, my files are still filed away in an excessively precise structure. Best of luck!

@height8 I used do the same thing, but it finally got too overwhelming. About three or four years ago I change my method, and went with the: “It’s been six months… Select all read, archive“ method. Changed my life.

@neven Glad to hear it—I am excited to see it. We came close the other day, but picked Blind Spotting instead. (I assumed Blackkklansman would stay in the theaters longer.) B.S. was so good! The film was insightful, intriguing, intense, and even extremely funny at times, but be warned: It kept us very tense the entire time.

me: [Explaining Mastodon] So then everyone got booted, and now they just boost toots

Dr. Seuss: go on

There are lots of slow downs on Mastodon.social today, but that should improve. Be patient if you’ve just arrived.

This really does feel like early Twitter now. All we’re missing is the Fail 🐳.

Hello, all. I’ve been kicking the tires around here for the last few days, wondering if I can find a little of the ol’ ADN magic. So far, so good.


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