New podcast episode today! I interviewed Chris Oliver (GoRails, Hatchbox) about his early days as a programmer and how he learns. Go check it out:

Ever want to add a second author to your commits?

This is a great trick for pair programming; it adds an additional author to the last commit you made.

Probably my favorite snippet from the article I posted early today (link:


Made the jump to Spacemacs last week. Not sure I can ever go back.

I really can't see the downside -- getting the benefits of a modal editor and the emacs ecosystem.

I have a copy of Marcus Aurelius's Meditations on my desk at work. It's got a bunch of underlines in it. Every day, I randomly open the book and think about the underlined phrase that jumps out at me first.

Today's: "Leave other people's mistakes where they lie."

Due to popular demand, and the ever-increasing net to explain Mastodon to newbies as every instance is being bombarded with new users...

I've gone ahead and create a video tutorial that should help folks get to grips with all of this platform's particulars:

Intro to Mastodon 101

Special Thanks to:
@noelle @Gargron @MillennialDog @Rybark

How to learn Vim:

1 - Google how to do a thing in Vim.
2 - Google how to undo that thing because you already forgot how to undo stuff.

Hey @jmcharnes caught your talk at Southeast Solidus -- really appreciated you making an effort to keep everyone grounded. Glad to see you on :mastodon:!

The hardest thing in Computer Science (and also in life) is actually to say “I agree with you”

And then put a period.

Not a “comma, and…”

Not a “comma, but…”

Just a period.


@miketannenbaum here's what you need to know:

- you can follow people on any instance, and be followed from any instance (unless you block or are blocked)
- your instance is kinda like a neighborhood.
- your home timeline is just the people you follow
- your local timeline is just the people on your instance
- the federated timeline is all activities across all instances
- search only works on hashtags, so is a good starting point
- be friendly (duh) and don't be a Nazi (duh)

Here is my !

I am Bryan. I live in Barnet, . I am currently finishing up the web developer curriculum at so I can complete a mid-life career change. I have a degree from many years ago, but instead spend the last 15 years as a Minster. Weird, eh?

Hoping to eventual find report work as a . Follow me!

Hi again, I am ruby-on-rails developer , hope this instance will be a home for a prospering community

Hi all

Been a Ruby dev since about 2006, in London. Despite all the other tempting languages I still have no desire to use any other language professionally :)

@james This seems like a good idea, hope it works out!


Hey folks! Welcome to! 🎉

I'm hoping this will become a good, friendly community for Ruby-folks to chat and discover new friends. But for that to happen, you need to sign up! -- all are welcome

Redis remains an amazing, free, Swiss Army knife of usefulness. There’s nothing else like it. ❤️

If you're a looking for work in the or area check us out:

We work with open source code () daily

In the last couple of weeks I've spent work time exploring , , and .

Someone texted this to me and I thought it was an incredibly apt description of bitcoin

"Most websites are about delivering content. HTML is amazing for this and you DON'T NEED JAVASCRIPT."

I would like to marry this post. 👰

#progressiveenhancement #inclusivedesign

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