IF… Big if, Silvio De Sousa actually gets drafted into the NBA, he’s already got the baggage to be one of the biggest villains ever. KU needs to drop him from their program *tomorrow*.

Had a great time at the con! Everyone was awesome! More details elsewhere. Ask if you don’t know where and are interested.

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Thank you so much for coming out AND donating to our @FoxesAndPeppers@twitter.com show tonight!!! You are so beautiful and wonderful 💙💕💙💕 @jadedfox@twitter.com

My last name is Strom, not Strong or Strum. Americans fuck it up all the time.

(Scandinavians and Germans get it instantly, maybe I should move to Europe)
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What's the biggest problem you have with your name?

My biggest problem?

Me: "Hi, I'm Marcus. Nice to meet you."

Business people: "Hi, Marcus. Do you go by Mark?"

Me: "No. If I did then don't you think I'd introduce myself as that?"

I’m really rather bummed, you can now get AirPod cases engraved with emoji, but there is no 🦊

Just finish sweeping porch and steps of leaves, turn around and watch ten leaves fall onto the porch… Sure… fine, you can be there a while.

Been saying this for MONTHS. C’mon folks, stop feeding the trolls, you are only getting them paid and getting them more audience.
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Do not link to the line steppers.
Do not link to the line steppers.
Do not link to the line steppers.

RIP David Stern, former NBA commissioner. 1942-2020.

You did amazing things for the league, and every basketball fan in the US owes you a debt of gratitude.

He died today of complications from a Brain Hemorrhage.

Whelp… it’s only 10:30 and my cat is a poofed nervous wreck that just peed on her cat tree in panic thanks to assholes outside with loud fireworks.

This is really sorta annoying… I have a decent limit, but spent on Christmas gifts and then paid down. Yet days later $0 available balance.

Woo, an earthquake in San Leandro. Just a solid hard jolt, with no sway after.

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I am floored and flabbergasted by everyone’s generosity. O.o Thank you so much everyone!

An old friend of mine, @the_gneech@twitter.activitypub.actor, needs help making rent and expenses. If there is anything you can do to assist I would appreciate it.

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Not even joking, I want to see if we could reach a million retweets and get the attention of transphobes. Would be great if we could beat that egg.

Retweet if you say trans right!!!

Time for ! (at @ChaseCenter@twitter.activitypub.actor for @warriors@twitter.activitypub.actor @Suns@twitter.activitypub.actor in San Francisco, CA) swarmapp.com/c/f9SHcjDIN9V

Random thought… What if someone is trying to pull a The Producers with the Cats movie? Could someone be trying to scam a studio with a movie this bad?

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