Should old acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot
and old lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear
for auld lang syne
we'll take a cup of kindness yet
for auld lang syne.

Happy New Year, please take care in 2022, & may fortunes improve!

Why are they shoving Steven A into the Countdown crew? He doesn’t have the chemistry with the rest, and he attempts to dominate everything. Plus, he’s as much of a turn off/tune out as Mark Jackson.

So… I *adored* Encanto, it’s a really great movie, even if there really is only two acts stretched thin with no real villain. But the music is… shockingly weak for LMM. It just feels like echos of Hamilton and Moana, nothing really original.

🎶Tales of loss and fire and faith
Every word on our hearts engraved
In the dark you will not stray
Forge again, till the end, we pray🎶

I really wish I hadn’t been forcing myself to high tenor with a lot of falsetto all my life. (Think Adam Levine range when I should have been Rob Thomas range) Now to find the right female singers… Adele maybe.

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… fuck. I just had a core rattling realization… my dysphoria is why I never pursued singing seriously. I always have been pushing for a higher range than I should have. I even had coaches trying to drag me down to Baritone. I’m a mezzo soprano or alto, not higher. Ugh. :(

And ANOTHER aftershock… that’s been like 4? I’m… just staying seated until this crap calms down.

Yay Earthquake… Yay picture fell off wall.

*sigh* Okay, I’m Trans. I adored Harry Potter, it was an INCREDIBLY important part of my life. Rowling is now an awful person and INTENTIONALLY trying to make life for people like me impossible. I can’t in good conscience partake in anything that assists her. Still FOMO exists.
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For everyone whose love of Harry Potter has been hurt by Rowling's awfulness.

So… just watched the new Spider-Man trailer. Trailer doesn’t show Maguire or Garfield, but watch this scene at 2:21 and tell me there aren’t more heroes there digitally removed.
The visual composition of the scene makes NO sense without more heroes.

Building and designing the USA around Cars and Trucks was a HUGE mistake, and beyond a lot of folks not wanting to admit they were wrong, several industries (fossil fuel being the biggest) are actively fighting against fixing this mistake. Jake’s TikTok is AMAZING.
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This is one big reason for our supply chain bottleneck on the west coast

And… signed up for Business Essentials, gotta learn this ASAP, as it’s likely to be very important to the future of my job.

After the 10th straight day of Comcast cold sales calls, I told them to pull open my account to put a note on it, they said okay, and what is the note, “If I receive another cold sales call I will be terminating my account.”

As a trans person, I plan to keep on dead naming them until they meet some arbitrary bullshit goal I deem they need to meet that has no relevance to my interactions with them, and with my real name policy, I will refuse to even acknowledge they have other names they prefer.
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Breaking: Facebook’s new name will be Meta

I’m seeing Harden and Trae whine about lack of calls due to the new rules. Funny how it’s not affecting Curry’s game. Maybe you were just shitty players who needed the refs to bail you out. Drawing a foul should *NEVER* have been part of the game, and I’d say are OFFENSIVE fouls.

Huh… WHY is it that Zuck looks more uncanny valley than the audio animatronics at Disney World? Seriously compare him to Mr Lincoln. If you had to guess which was real, which would YOU pick?

Yay, my first game that I actually did hands on DEV work on is now released in the AppStore or GooglePlay. Vainglory All Stars. I’m proud of the level design I did, I made every map in the game!

There are so many active players on the NBA 75 list that do NOT belong on that list, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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