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Horse Hole Gasoline

Went to the zoo and drew some things. I want to try and do this maybe every other week if possible.

Saw Pacific Rim Uprising last night. Good movie but felt really short. Also if they go through with making a third movie, they have to make a reference to Macross. Or at least I hope they do.
also kind of wondering how many people are now attracted to obsidian fury. just me? okay.

A commish for a friend of their Grey Warden and Zevran from #dragonage. I had a lot of fun with this. #mastoart

Battle Angel also isn't really about Japanese society. It's a bit more personal and character driven, and while the scrapyard is a bit of it's own character, it's really more of a setting for Alita and her explorations of herself. The movie is looking like it's mostly going to revolve around the first two graphic novels/the OVA so I'm not going to go into Motorball, or Desty Nova or anything revolving around Zalem/Tiphares.

I actually have a small inkling of hope for it since unlike GitS or Death Note or Akira, it's sci fi but it doesn't have a lot of the political stuff. It doesn't even take place in Japan it takes place in...Missouri. It takes place in Missouri 200 years into the future, post mini ice age.

Think it's safe to say that live action anime in general is not great. That being said I'm still kind of holding out hope for the Battle Angel movie. it'll probably be boring and uninteresting like most other live action adaptations of anime/manga but at least i can still stop pining for it.

live action FMA....ehhhh...looks kinda like everyone's in unwashed cosplay. I like Hughes though? kidna??? ??????

It’s looking pretty bad for my monitor. The repair shop is having some trouble finding parts for it. They said they’d let me know tomorrow but I’m not expecting much.

I really want to get back to work on things I hate using this fucking tiny ass tablet.

I hope my yiynova gets back here sooner than later. I'm getting so bored sitting around here with nothing to do.

It’s my birthday and it’s time for birthday wishes:
I wish I wasn’t high glam butch. Maybe I’d be married by now if I weren’t.

Had such a lovely weekend. Spent it barreling through a project I signed up for strictly for money, my yiynova broke and I have no real way of paying for a new one, and rejected by a person I really liked and I thought liked me back. Tomorrow is my birthday.

so after looking at a few reviews i think i'm going to go for a Huion tablet. A lot of reviews seem to be pretty favorable. my only caveat is that it doesn't look like i can actually dual screen?

I'm pretty much settled here in Cali, unfortunately in the move my yiynova was damaged, so for now i guess i won't be doing a lot of work.

Still no furniture, so no real way to work on projects. However I’ve got some reading material I can catch up on.

Pretty sure at this point any character Clint Mccelroy plays is just going to look like him. He is the constant in the TAZ-iverse.

Watching a crush tweet about being at a theme park, but not say who he’s with and I’m endlessly fretting he’s on a date because I’m a giant piece of crap.

I think if I roll my mattress up and duct tape the shit out of it, I could possibly bring it with me.