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Horse Hole Gasoline

Glad I went out to a friend’s party last night. I got to hang out with some cool people, and this adorable wiggly noodle named Bean.

i love it when i get told moving in an attempt to find a better job is considered 'running away'. if it's running away, then i guess it's running away in the same vein of running out of a house fire.

I had no idea that Berserk was fantasy AU Devilman fanfiction.

Hemming and hawing over whether or not to schlep my furniture down south, or sell it and buy new stuff.

Continuously posting this because for reals any money i get is a help.

Think I’m starting to feel a bit better. Helps that literally no one has walked through the door today so I’m just sitting down and waiting for customers while reading fanfiction.

Still kind of sick, but I really need to go to work:

@jadiejadie amongst the commissions I’ve been getting a few furry clients, and they’re really fun. I kinda want to make a fursona now???

my friends are awesome. I got a very large chunk of money in the last week courtesy of commissions. Hopefully I can keep this up!

Wooo I hate being sick. I get sick once in a blue moon and I hate it so much when I’m sick.

Heyo! I’m trying to move to Los Angeles at the end of the month and I could use a little bit of help. Any small bit would be appreciated.

A commission for a friend of their character Odessa! I love her floofy tail so much. #furry #furryart

man these short animes are killing me. Between sad rocks and sad demons i'm i'm getting very misty eyed all the time.

The more I try to ink digitally, the more I want to just ink with a paintbrush.

Colored the rocks!! I'm going to redraw Bort since i wasn't happy with them. I feel like i haven't colored digitally in a while so the hair was a nice little break. I'm super happy with how Dia's hair came out. #hnk #landofthelustrous #housekinokuni

I’ve got more moe rocks to draw, and a few cute gay elf comics, and some paid work i can’t talk about. So I SHOULD be able to get...some of that done. Prefer to get the paid work done first and foremost.

@jadiejadie last month was pretty bad since I was trying to make up for the fact that October/November I had a lot of missed days being unemployed.

Looks like I’m working two days a week for the month. At least I am during the day job. That’ll give me time to work on the four or so projects I didn’t get to work on for December.