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@AlGhurair98@twitter.com @GulfConnoisseur@twitter.com This guy is running million dollar biz in dubai&since we exposed changed his location to Israel, so likely is a mercenary against Islamic lands. And active large donor for RSS, has removed I.e. from his BIO PROFILE. He likely is taking all cash w him out of UAE

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The Brave and bold Arnab too can't face any questions other than the @republic@twitter.com own minions. Every BJP supporter is inherently a coward.

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Watch: Arnab Goswami Quits Editors Guild of India On Live TV
TV Anchor Arnab Goswami accused the association’s President Shekhar Gupta of leading the compromise of Indian journalism.
New Delhi| ‘I resign from the Editors Guild of India for its absolute compromise on editorial ethics, for being an organisation that is only operating in

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Case -13

To, @MOPHQatar@twitter.com, @GCOQatar@twitter.com @MOI_QatarEn@twitter.com @IndEmbDoha@twitter.com This Man @Rudrayyanmaha@twitter.com is working in @CBQat@twitter.com is spreading hatred on Social Median against Islam while living in an Islamic Country, proper action needs to be taken against him that he’ll never forget.



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