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There was interactive PDF I gues, but that died with Flash.

Amazing there's not a standard document-with-embedded-video file format to this day.

Was taking minutes in orgmode. My client saw and was like what's that, hipster notes?
Yup, pretty much.

@ChrisTalleras Thanks! I was thinking more along the lines of Resolume Arena's basic function of cueing a playlist of videos for an AVP.

Does anyone know some video presentation software? For like simple cueing and looping videos.

"GNU Parted" or "how to brick a disk in 10s or less"

Yay, new 4TB HDD.
What's the best filesystem to go between Linux and MacOS?

Any other recommendations for distributing a file system across several HDDs?
Else I’m going back to ham-fisted rsync and building shell scripts around that.

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I’m so done with git-annex acting like a mysterious goop that fills up my hdd and not giving any output when I poke it and ask why.

Shaders turned out to be super intuitive once I got the basics down. The tutorials on thebookofshaders.com were super clear. I went from nothing to making an interactive visual installation for our event (using touchdesigner for input processing) in about 5 days.

Turns out it just needed a little lube. Everything works better with a little lube.

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