This is what Rogi Adityanath is doing to the dead in Ulta Pradesh, supposedly the Ram Rajya under Riot Party....
RT @srinivasiyc
किन शब्दों में इन दृश्यों को बयां करू पता नही,
लेकिन जो हो रहा है वो कोई धर्म इजाजत नही देता

ये दुस्साहस मत कीजिये योगी जी, आज नही तो कल एक दिन सबकी बारी आनी है🙏

No religion will support this, least of of Hinduism.
Even Terrorists when they have seized Power have never done anything similar to this.
That is the depth to which Bogi Adityanath's rule in Ulta Pradesh has sunk into...

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