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Watch: The Modi speech from 2013 that explained how India can win Olympic medals

RSS claiming the legacy of both Gandhi and his assassin, is amusing as well as outrageous Gandhi said: “Free India will be no Hindu Raj…it will be Indian Raj based not on the majority of any religious sect or community…”

Rafale Deal Has ‘Systemic Elements Of International Corruption’, Against Indian National Interest says a group of experts who track illicit money flows globally and whose findings about the deal have started a French judicial probe

Gautam Adani: Four Mauritius-based funds with $7 bn in Adani stocks have history of wrong bets - The Economic Times

Jharkhand Judge Uttam Anand out on a morning walk killed after vehicle hits him; CCTV footage suggests foul play He was hearing murder cases where BJP MLA is accused. Another ?

The Taliban aim is only Power and not in upholding the values and religion which they claim to be guardians of. The Religion is only a Tool for their means to raise and hold on to Power...
Much like Hindu Taliban...

The disease caused by the Vaccine Certificate is infectious....

Buying vaccines for Rs 250 but claiming to spend 2500 for each vaccination - Imagine the level of Corruption in this Govt.
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Big part of Rs 3.4 lakh crore petroleum cess used for free vaccine, poor: Hardeep Puri

The reason for which Yeddyurappa had to go is simple - in this term, he was not Corrupt enough for the .

Heard that Fadnavis is airdropping himself to Bangalore to take over as CM...
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Please pick Proud Kannadiga for Karnataka CM 🙈

“Former Supreme Court judges Aftab Alam, Madan B Lokur, Gopala Gowda and Deepak Gupta on Saturday expressed concern over the misuse of anti-terror legislation in India while stressing it was time to do away with the law on sedition in the country.”

...and so far modi managed to push ~400 million Indians into Poverty and crores of jobs lost under his Tyranny...

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