I haven't been here in a while, but Mastodon kinda looks like its gone to shit.

Une Barque sur l’Océan is my favourite piece of music of all time. Every time I listen to it my appreciation increases. Thanks Ravel.

So apparently there is a group of christians out there who not just domestically abuse their wives but they encourage others do the same and call it "spanking" or "Christian Domestic Discipline" (CDD for short.

I read this article and this guy sounds off the wall nuts to me...


#christianity #religion Violence #DomesticAbuse

Religion is the enemy of discussion of ethics, and the weapon of ignorance and stupidity

So apparently Joe Biden was pro-segregation in the 70's and said he wanted to keep black kids out of white schools because he didnt want his kids to grow up in a "Racial Jungle".

People are really going to support this lunatic?


#Biden2020 #Biden #JoeBiden #Election #Election2020

At the moment I’m not tooting that much because there aren’t enough of my friends on mastodon for it to be worth while. Maybe one day I will make the jump.

Trying to persuade people to use Mastodon is hard. I have had little success.

Nothing offensive or NSFW, but you have been warned. 

Again :|

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Nothing offensive or NSFW, but you have been warned. 

I just lost again, and it would seem now that this would occur every time I open Mastodon, as I now link loosing to Mastodon. Please, somebody help.

Greta Thunberg speech at Davos is the real life version of The Emperor's New Clothes. She is saying obvious things that are demonstrably true, yet many adults choose to look the other way because the truth is simply too uncomfortable to contemplate.

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