@jake74 I was wondering whether it's worth spinning up a football fans instance, either competition level (premiership.fans for mass appeal) or club level (dcfc.fans to trial then scale). Thoughts?

@si @jake74 not a bad idea - something you would self-host or use a service?

@jonkit @si I think a football forum for all teams would really stretch the good will on Mastodon very quickly!

@jake74 @jonkit I was considering a @mastohost server to get the ball rolling (forgive the pun). Could we crowdsource it some fellow footie fans?

@si @jake74 @mastohost I’m sure it could be done. The logistics of all of that sound annoying but I’d gladly chip in at least a few bucks to get started and then see how it goes. My biggest reservation would be not knowing if Mastodon would stick for me... though having groups that make it fun and worthwhile would help.

@si @jake74 @mastohost shockingly the domain dontcallit.soccer is available. I wish there was a .ship domain because premiere.ship would be awesome

@jonkit @jake74 I was considering something like footie.social or toot.football but like your wordplay as well. Maybe we could register the domain, setup on @mastohost and start crowdfunding?

@si @jake74 it seems like it’s worth a shot... worst case we’d be out the registration fee and maybe a couple months of hosting?

@jake74 @jonkit I've already spent too many hours thinking about it.

@jake74 @jonkit Only concern I've got with competition level groups is they change every season with teams swapping around (e.g. 6 teams for Premiership). Would something like EFL work better?

@jake74 @jonkit efl.social is available on Namecheap for $9.06… ⚽

@jake74 @si if we want to do something at a higher level, e.g. UK soccer (I wouldn’t mind getting some Celtic fans on here as well), birthplaceof.futbol is available on Namecheap for $5 (Canadian dollars)

@jake74 @jonkit Good point - plenty Scottish football fans as well, especially with global support for the Celtics. I like the .futbol TLD too.

@jake74 @jonkit TOOT.FUTBOL is now registered before any domain squatters spotted it in the fediverse. Will look at hosting later on.

@si @jake74 here’s something I don’t get about Mastodon that maybe you understand - is there a way to follow a second instance without creating an account at that instance? I know we can send messages back and forth between instances without issue, but if I wanted to follow the discussions in @toot.futbol, is the preferred way to just make a second account or can I “join” it with this one?

@jonkit @si I'm finding it a weirdly limiting thing, rather than liberating. I want a cross section of my 3-4 fav things, so I would not join an instance dedicated to just one.

@jake74 @si right... it’s sort of a hybrid of Twitter+Reddit that falls a bit short... I don’t mind being a part of an instance that focuses on specific topics but I also don’t want to end up maintaining one identity per instance.

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@jonkit @jake74 I don't actually know the answer to that. I think the fediverse is intended to follow connected instances (someone called them "neighbourhoods" the other day) but you need to be connected to a contact there. Might need to do some research once we've got one setup.

@si @jake74 ok! So Tootdon on iOS will let you search for an instance (presumably one that’s in the public directory) and then at that instance’s local timeline to the app alongside the Home, Local, and Federated timelines for the instance you’re signed in to. I’ve attached a video showing how it works. This seems like a decent solution jonkit.ca/cdn/temp_share/Tootd

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@jonkit @jake74 I did think that about Premier League™️ as well.

@jake74 @si I do like the idea of it being at the Premier League level (vs just a club team or all euro leagues) but I’m biased only really follow the PL

@xstex nice one! no more shouting into a void on match day!

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