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Yet another new beta version of Toot! is out! This time, it's mostly small improvements and bugfixes.

* Character count on posting screen.
* Toned down CW.
* Better display of direct messages on toot screen.
* Show name of app on toot screen.
* Copy text of toots.
* Hashtags with non-ASCII characters should work now.
* Various other bugfixes.

@ivyandgoldx@bofa.lol that's great news

@peteaylward “hope it looks like you expected” might be more fitting

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Boost if you think summer is bullshit and are ready for autumn

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@jonkit @si I'm finding it a weirdly limiting thing, rather than liberating. I want a cross section of my 3-4 fav things, so I would not join an instance dedicated to just one.

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"Be excellent to each other."

-Bill S. Preston, Esquire

Any other Mega Drive Maniacs looking forward to Tanglewood?

@jonkit @si I think a football forum for all teams would really stretch the good will on Mastodon very quickly!

@xstex nice one! no more shouting into a void on match day!

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Intro: this'll only take about 15 mins… 

40 something. Likes retro gaming (Mega Drive and Famicom), music (LTJ, NIN, AFI), skateboarding, pizza. Liberal, believe in love and be loved. There is a better way, and we'll find it together, not divided. Say hi.

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