hey y'all, if we could move that overthrow of capitalism up to like ... idk ... 2pm today that would be great

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With a profit margin of normally 25%+, I've set my margin to this to 2% and lower. Have at it!!

And I don't want to fucking hear it.

If any other group of people were committing mass shooting after mass shooting like white men are, we'd be under Marshall Law.

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~ Text based video game ~

You enter a dusty tavern; there is a dog in the corner

> look at dog

The dog is a good pupper; suchagoodboy

> who is a good boy?

The dog is a good boy

The dog rolls on its back; he wants belly-rubs

> rub belly

Receive + 10 happy

> scritch scritch

Receive + 10 happy

> very snuggles

You have reached the maximum happy for a human; become a dog? (Yes/Nnnyesss)

> _

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Being single means getting the entire pomegranate to yourself.

Just *try* to be a decent person, honestly. Nobody completely succeeds, so just try.

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One of the very first things humans learn when they are born is to alert someone when they aren't okay. Then a bunch of people tell you not to and give you whole layers of shame about what you can need, when you can need it, and how you are allowed to ask, and who is allowed to ask, etc., etc.

Fuck all that. We literally exist to help each other or else we wouldn't keep hanging out with each other and figuring out new ways to connect.

Ask for help when you need it because it's fucking normal.

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