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If you'd like an account, get at me or @ArtistMarciaX, @jalcine, @denikombucha or @sourcookie and we'll get the process started.

Next open registration period will most likely be at the end of April.

I'm sure everyone knows about them, but here's a reminder that harvest mice exist.

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i work really hard at my job so one day i might be a really important executive who works at the top of one of those skyscrapers, and then one day during a meeting, i can talk everyone into rocking and swaying and trying to knock that sucker over

Now that #Vermont is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.


tired: I'm a billionaire running for public office
wired: I'm a billionaire running for my life

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OH: I can't eat pizza, and I hate undergrads.

so I did one of those DNA tests and I got some really interesting results! turns out I have "Hox genes" which means I am an animal (not a plant or a fungus). What's more, I'm Bilaterian! That means my body has a back and front and a top and bottom side. Pretty cool.

Debating with fascists 


please cw your markov bots

reading nonsense sucks

cw meta, oops 

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Can I admit something? Because where I live we always get at least one snowfall as late as April, I never understood groundhog day. Like, six more weeks of winter? Is that supposed to be a bad thing? It seems better than the 10 we would usually get.

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