My position on content warnings ever since we added them:

Use them however you like yourself. Never tell anyone else what they should and shouldn't CW; if you don't like how they use/don't use them, unfollow/mute.


@Gargron What if people are just unaware and happy to be asked? I would much rather have someone respond saying "hey, can you CW content like that?" than unfollow/mute me without saying anything. I won't tell anyone they have to (or even should) CW stuff, but I've gotten positive responses when I've asked nicely.

@jakobpunkt @Gargron he's more referring to people who make demands, not ask or try to inform. people who decide to try to make everyone do things the way they want.

they may not be the majority but they are kind of a toxic loudness on a lot of sites.

@kellycrow @jakobpunkt @Gargron Yeah, this is less "hey, would you please CW your posts about spiders?" and more (these are actual posts I have seen) "If you want to be on Mastodon you have to CW political talk" and "my instance will block anyone who uses CWs for jokes".

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