Big thanks to @robinsloan for these kind words in his newsletter. I'm a huge fan of Robin's writing so nice to send something back :)

What would machine learning for carpentry look like? Some brief thoughts about craft and AI, sustainability and some other stuff

"All tunnels that are under construction have an icon of St Barbara, the patron saint of miners, and I quite liked the combination of ancient religion in a modern building site." - from @ianvisits wonderful compendium of Crossrail construction photos:

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There’s no point making work *about* climate change. It’s too late

Art today should act on the world as part of the movement for change

The brilliant @jamesbridle w/ Brian Eno for @5x15stories

Ways of Being is outstandingly good and will transform how you see the world


This is what real alternatives to corporate and colonial technology looks like, and it only happens, can only happen, when power is decentralised and the tools placed in the hands of everyone.

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“Data is the last frontier of colonization" - Indigenous people building decolonial, anti-capitalist tech.

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Love this Le Guin quote in @jamesbridle fascinating new book, which explores “an ecology of technology”

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@jamesbridle Woke early with many of the topics of this talk and your book reverberating and was reminded of the profound nature of the dawn of each day. How it feels like an unspoilt continent; a realm that remains in a primordial shape. Venturing into it is like stepping onto virgin snow.

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Actual easter eggs. I expect this is all part of yr clever oblique marketing strategy, @jamesbridle

One thing we talked about was extended, or 'situated' cognition in spiders 🕷️🕸️🧠🌍 (cc @tomassaraceno) - I made a complete hash of explaining it, so for a better account, read this!

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Last night I had the huge pleasure of discussing WAYS OF BEING with Brian Eno, someone I obviously admire greatly. It was a good chat, and you can watch it here:

The world is trying to communicate with us all the time. It's not a mystery, only a question of attention, and choosing to join in the song.

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Finally, one other precedent, from WAYS OF BEING (although, as Sam notes in the podcast, this is a deep, deep history): Konrad Lorenz, on his relationship with his friend Roah, a raven, who called him by his name.

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I'm reminded too of the field recordings we made with Italian herders a couple of years ago for an exhibition in Matera - this is the sound of people speaking with animals, each in their own dialect and intonation.

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Singing with the nightingales is also closely related to the collaboration between humans and honeyguides practiced by the Yao and other peoples: - it is possible to talk, as well as sing, with animals, and to do so to our mutual enrichment.

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That work was made in response to the Áltá action: It's an example, for me, of speaking in the voice of the world - united in a more-than-human chorus of voices, making for a more-than-human politics.

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This was also a formative experience for me, hearing Nils-Aslak Valkeapää 'Sápmi, vuoi Sápmi', a piece which segues from the call of a grouse into field recordings of protest chants, buzzsaws, flowing water and police helicopters

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In WAYS OF BEING I write quite a bit about talking and singing with the world - my references were polyphonic traditions like Sámi joiking and the cantu a tenòre tradition of Sardinia. Here's a wonderful intro to the latter from the Tenores di Bitti

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Absolutely magic interview with @samleesong on this @emergence_zine podcast, on the experience of singing with nightingales. I've been a fan of Sam's for a long time, and can't wait to read his new book

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