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The Fedora Podcast | Episode 1: "Fedora Project Leader".

This ongoing series will feature interviews and talks with people who make the Fedora community awesome.

These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora. Or they produce the distro itself. Some work on putting Fedora in the hands of users.

The podcast will be released bi-weekly and already has seven episodes planned.

* Linux podcasting expands again! *

--> fedoramagazine.org/listen-new-
#podcast #Linux #Fedora #Soundcloud #news

I finally found a reliable way to sync OneDrive on Linux. I've got it working on Fedora 27. If anyone needs this or is interested, here's a link to the client with instructions on how to install and configure. github.com/xybu/onedrived-dev

My friend @prokoudine has a new post up on Libre Graphics World on the state of mastering Inkscape and learning tools that is well worth your time to check out!


Also, don't forget to help support his efforts through his patreon! (patreon.com/prokoudine)

IDK about anyone else but


That aside.. they just dumped 3 years of chat on us. There are literally THOUSANDS of active users on there so this is pretty cool. It is.


Looking at buying a new laptop for web design and development. Any suggestions on a budget friendly laptop that works well with Linux? If I had the money I’d buy a Dell XPS Developer edition but since I don’t I’m looking at a Lenovo Thinkpad.

My budget is anything under $1500 (Canadian).

Fedora Design team is accepting submissions for supplemental wallpapers for Fedora 28.


Friends don't let friends get hooked on #Adobe and #Autodesk subscriptions. Share this article to help them start on the path to using free and open tools (e.g. #B3D #Inkscape #Krita #Kdenlive #GIMP). free.dijt.co/just-say-no-to-so

Here’s a deeper explanation from Fedora Magazine of how the new kernel update is mitigating the Meltdown vulnerability.


Paasing this along:

Find out how to protect your Fedora system from the recently disclosed Meltdown vulnerability: 


So my New Years resolution was to start using open source tools to build my web development business. I’d like to add a couple things to this...

I want to contribute to open source in some way and become more active in the open source community. (learning as I go)

I also want to learn the hell out of web accessibility and get good at implementing it into every I build.

I’ve sat on the side lines for too long. 2018 is the year I push myself outside of my comfort zone and learn new things.

Fedora Magazine has put together a list of the best articles from 2017 for command line enthusiasts.


This is a great and quick read for anyone interested in web accessibility. I love reading real life examples of this stuff in action.

The article is about 5 ways front end developer Scott Vinkle made the freeCodeCamp website more usable for people with disabilities.


My New Year’s resolution is to use open source tools to build my business.

I’ve started with converting from Photoshop to Gimp. Today I successfully completed my first challenge using Gimp to create a simple image map for a client’s Bandcamp header.

I’m wondering if I should document my journey?

I’m starting my own web design business and my dream is to use only open software and tools. I’m generally a Linux user (Fedora) but right now I’m using Microsoft products and Photoshop for my web design needs. I’m familiar with Gimp and I already use Inkscape so it’s just a matter of putting in more time to get better with Gimp. The problem is finding the time.