Trying to make a simple macOS app that uses a Unix socket has become an unremitting nightmare. Docs are awful -- just like "`type: Int32` - the type of the thing; "`address: Data` - the address in a Data object". It also appears that literally no-one else has attempted to build something like this, judging by search results. Ugh.

Lesson learned: Apple's "high-level" SocketPort (which still takes raw sockaddr structs & AF_* ints) doesn't actually work for arbitrary messages, I guess, just silently drops them. Have to use the basic socket/bind/accept/recv to actually use a socket. Swift, of course, makes doing this sort of low-level pointer passing & casting a delight πŸ™ƒ

Seems unbelievable to me that that's no nice, high-level socket library for macOS, but 🀷

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