After 3.5 months with my Keyboardio Model 01 I remain completely in love with it. Not only do I type faster and more comfortably than I ever did before but using it makes me so happy I write more just to be using it.

I never want to use a non-split, ortho, tented keyboard again, to say nothing of how awesome having easy-to-extend and open-source firmware is.

Just need those Runic keycaps & I’ll be set for life 😁

Lifting weights 

Deadlifts in the home gym. I’m following a Hepburn method progression, so today was 540lb for two sets of two, six sets of three (next time will be one set of two, 7x3) then 430lb 3x8.

Good thing about deadlifts in a home gym - forces me to control the descent if I don’t want to annoy the downstairs neighbours!

Yay, hit 100 WPM on my Model 01! Very happy to hit this milestone, having never used a split keyboard before. The Model 01 is so nice to type on, really feels like it's guiding your fingers.

TIL that hundreds of women fought in the French army during the Revolution

Hm, I think I accidentally deleted a toot from last night :/ Let’s try again:

Fun times, referring to Knuth for something I’m working on; I feel like the mythical Real Programmer

Taking dad's dog to visit the baby capybaras at the High Park zoo - she stayed like this for about 15 minutes, very curious about them!


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