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James Cash 🍍 @jamesnvc@mastodon.social

After 3.5 months with my Keyboardio Model 01 I remain completely in love with it. Not only do I type faster and more comfortably than I ever did before but using it makes me so happy I write more just to be using it.

I never want to use a non-split, ortho, tented keyboard again, to say nothing of how awesome having easy-to-extend and open-source firmware is.

Just need those Runic keycaps & I’ll be set for life 😁

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Yay, hit 100 WPM on my Model 01! Very happy to hit this milestone, having never used a split keyboard before. The Model 01 is so nice to type on, really feels like it's guiding your fingers. mastodon.social/media/rN723SnO

Oh cool, it's my Keyboardio forums anniversary today! πŸ¦‹ ⌨ mastodon.social/media/nz-GNPsa

TIL that hundreds of women fought in the French army during the Revolution

Hm, I think I accidentally deleted a toot from last night :/ Let’s try again:

Fun times, referring to Knuth for something I’m working on; I feel like the mythical Real Programmer

Taking dad's dog to visit the baby capybaras at the High Park zoo - she stayed like this for about 15 minutes, very curious about them!

Sweet gifts my co-founder brought back from Japan!