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James Cash 🍍 @jamesnvc@mastodon.social

Whoo, I published my first Prolog library! What a fun language eu.swi-prolog.org/pack/list?p=

@technomancy It makes me think of classic You Look Nice Today & "blue-sky solutioneering"

@ChrisWarcraft Aah, I bought mine right before that (I would've been like..13-14, I guess) and only had the weird old metal ones. The original Hive Tyrant in particular was pretty bad & never really fit in with the rest of the units. My genestealers were still good though!

@ChrisWarcraft Nice! I miss the old goofy Carnifex with the chest-face...

@iliana Yeah, that probably makes the most sense...I only have mine set up to switch because I teach iOS programming a few times a week & have to use a macOS machine for that (although the Unicode entering thing on macOS is kinda garbage & breaks on emoji anyway :/)

@iliana I also taught emacs to interpret the Linux unicode-entering things so it'll work on Emacs regardless of the host OS :p github.com/jamesnvc/dotfiles/b

@ChrisWarcraft I loved those books...I think they're mainly to blame for how long I subscribed to White Dwarf & how many rulebooks I bought despite never actually playing Warhammer (had a bunch of the old Tyranids though).

@iliana Yeah, I don't think the host guessing works very well; I just have it disabled and manually set the host OS then have leader key sequences set up to switch OSes when needed.

I tried using Elixir a while ago and liked some things of it, but was fairly annoyed by some other things. I later realized that the things that I liked are the Erlang things and now I'm realizing that the things I like about Erlang are the Prolog things.

Time to move on from being a Lisp weenie to being a Prolog wennie?

After 3.5 months with my Keyboardio Model 01 I remain completely in love with it. Not only do I type faster and more comfortably than I ever did before but using it makes me so happy I write more just to be using it.

I never want to use a non-split, ortho, tented keyboard again, to say nothing of how awesome having easy-to-extend and open-source firmware is.

Just need those Runic keycaps & I’ll be set for life 😁

I keep seeing people talk about as the new anti-hip anti-web. Where's a place to start reading stuff? Is it all phlogs on sdf.org?

Spent about four hours in the kitchen today, but now we have lunch and dinner for the next four days! Also, I think I need an ergonomic kitchen knife...

Watching "Blue Planet 2" and, while it is really cool, the overly-dramatic music is actually kind of stressful...why must this nature documentary be shot like a horror movie?

Oof, it's so cold out that my Apple Watch apparently stopped being able to detect my heartbeat while biking home & locked 😬

Also the place I teach is so dry I feel myself desiccating like a piece of jerky every time I'm in here

This weather is messing with me so much...every time I think I'm okay to bike somewhere and that maybe I'll be able to starting throwing practice again, the temperature plummets 10 degrees and it starts to snow.

Hrm, so today I learned that in Clojure the auto-gensyms (like "foo#") in macros are only expanded once, at read time, so a macro that does something like `(def thing# ...)` will be the same name with every invocation, so you would need to do the equivalent of `(def ~(gensym) ...)`. A little bit annoying to figure out!

"Monster of the Week" rules so hard. I ran the first session with my co-founders last night and everyone had a lot of fun. They'd never played a pen-and-paper RPG before but they really got into it.
The system is so much better than something like D&D for collaborative storytelling. Can't wait to run the next adventure!

I know nothing about chess, but I am loving Joey Comeau's oft-shirtless cyberpunk speed chess videos. youtube.com/channel/UCytr76fNo

is a young person in your life at risk of exposure to ayn rand?

give them a copy of _the dispossessed_. you may save them years or an entire lifetime.