I know there's a lot of demand for reviews of books that came out 180 years ago, so I wrote a bit about my thoughts after reading *Democracy in America* occasionallycogent.com/2018/10

There should be a Highland Games anime...it's so ripe for all the classic sports anime tropes: You have all the different events that can have specialists, there's all the different techniques people can use...I would watch it!

@wink @algernon It's a client's webapp - simple enough Clojure + Clojurescript + postgres setup; migrated from Heroku several years ago (which is why we used Dokku at the time, very similar deploy process).
I think my problems with it were 1) I don't like Docker (find it over-complicated for what we need) and 2) written in bash (which just seems like a bad idea) & hence gets confused very easily (e.g. app env vars get mangled by bash quoting rules).

@algernon I have one server that's using Dokku and I hate it so, so much. It's incredibly fragile and just super-frustrating to deal with. I would recommend against.

You have a question for the #Krita developers?

Today, Boudewijn Rempt, Scott Petrovic and Dmitry Kazakov will reply them on this AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit!


@drdrang In the `find` pipeline, doesn't the "*.epub" bit need to be quoted to pass the literal glob to find?

@Sheepsticked That was the most unbelievable turnaround I've ever seen

Four weeks after thinking "how hard can it be to send iOS push notifications in Prolog without using some service" I've done it! Only needed to write a PR against SWI-Prolog's ssl library and implement my own HPACK + HTTP/2 parser & client library 😁

I wrote my first SWI-Prolog foreign library in C to let me call additional OpenSSL C functions on the SSL context object that the actual Prolog SSL library returns so I could set the TLS-ALPN option...and it worked on basically the first try. SWI-Prolog is so awesome to work with

Writing a Prolog DCG with delay/1, when/2, zcompare/3, and if_/3. I may be slightly confused, but I feel so powerful

Getting substrings with Swift is maybe the most frustrating use of a strong type system I've ever encountered

Replied to a Google recruiter saying I wouldn't consider working there while they maintain their connections with the Pentagon & the American administration. That was mildly cathartic, I guess?

@noelle I've heard he's actually more like 5'11" and lies about his height :p

Beware detached, privileged ppl that fancy themselves intellectuals, who talk at length about things they'll never understand. I've heard so many repugnant ideas expressed in erudite, civil tones.

I notice it happens *a lot* with people in STEM fields tbh. I think math makes white cis het men feel like they don't have to have empathy or humility.

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