@aphyr Yeah...we've tried building stuff on top of spec and it has required a lot of work to massage the output of spec to have something approaching a useful human-readable error message

Why is logging in to Bitbucket such a miserable experience. Do these "enterprise"-y websites actively try to make logging in some horrible puzzle you need to solve?

@aphyr That last picture πŸ˜† Same hair colour & same little smile 😍

Seems unbelievable to me that that's no nice, high-level socket library for macOS, but 🀷

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Lesson learned: Apple's "high-level" SocketPort (which still takes raw sockaddr structs & AF_* ints) doesn't actually work for arbitrary messages, I guess, just silently drops them. Have to use the basic socket/bind/accept/recv to actually use a socket. Swift, of course, makes doing this sort of low-level pointer passing & casting a delight πŸ™ƒ

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Trying to make a simple macOS app that uses a Unix socket has become an unremitting nightmare. Docs are awful -- just like "`type: Int32` - the type of the thing; "`address: Data` - the address in a Data object". It also appears that literally no-one else has attempted to build something like this, judging by search results. Ugh.

@technomancy Yup, for sure. I teach at a coding bootcamp, which has exactly that dynamic you describe. It is sooo much easier than what real teachers have to do

@technomancy Yup. My fiance is a teacher & grades are probably the thing she hates doing the most. It's just a thing that government requires, because parents expect it & kids won't do work without them

[Dracula at the blood donation drive]

nurse: Have you ever had any sexual contact with a man?

Dracula: What is a man?!

nurse, sighing heavily: Sorry, sir. Have you ever had any sexual contact with a miserable little pile of secrets?

@aphyr ah yeah, that's tough...my place now, my rack just *barely* fits (had to flip the pull-up bars upside down to fit) and I can't actually overhead press.

Floors also a concern; I got some big sheets of plywood that I put rubber matting on top of, to try to distribute the weight. Probably less PSI than a bookshelf, I would think.

@aphyr Buying a power rack for my house is one of my best purchases ever, and I'm in an 800sq ft apartment. I imagine you could work it into some of your other basement activities too... :p

I tried to write an explainer for continuations, as a way to figure out how continuations work in Prolog. Hopefully this makes sense to someone else occasionallycogent.com/continu

@mavica I know Keyboardio started selling switches; prices seem reasonable to me, but I haven't priced other places shop.keyboard.io/collections/s

Trying to build stuff using Apple's WKWebView on iOS is so frustrating. Having to build on top of a proprietary platform is absolutely soul-crushing, especially when said platform is so bug-ridden and features that used to work are locked behind "private APIs" and "restricted entitlements".

Reposting a comment I made on HN regarding the proposed EU ban on facial recognition technology:

>I love coming to these threads to watch the crowd who makes their living from invading the public's privacy attempt to rationalize their worldview, find loopholes, etc. If your job is mass surviellance, it has always been unethical and the law is catching up to you. The purpose of these kinds of laws isn't to bring your business in line - it's to put you out of business.

@technomancy ClojureScript does (when using figwheel, at least) although I don't think Clojure itself does

@aphyr Don't they usually take bags off the flight if the person doesn't show up though?

@aphyr I think Chrome's starting doing some kind of """machine learning""" stuff to determine if downloads are "dangerous". A bunch of sites (SWI-Prolog in particular, I know) started having issues with Chrome presenting "dangerous downloads" warnings; potentially related.

@aphyr πŸ‘I'll take a look in the next week or two. This is doing concurrent uploads/downloads with the same session?

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