I wrote about writing a Prolog LSP implementation. I really love using Prolog -- it kind of feels like a better Lisp than Lisp sometimes occasionallycogent.com/prolog_

@szbalint I've only been with family to smaller-town Portugal, but Nazaré was very nice -- beach town, busy, but I think all tourists from within Portugal, very beautiful ocean views

I started thinking about how "Design Patterns" is but a pale shade next to "A Pattern Language" and this came out

Ugh...I updated my keyboardio firmware and now my tapdance & oneshot keys are sporadically not working properly...and in the process of trying to figure out what's going on, I realized that there are open pull requests against my keyboardio repo from February that Github decided not to tell me about (sorry @iliana )

I don't like computers

I spent a while yesterday figuring out how to make a Helm source in Emacs with some nice little features that the provided ones come with, but the documentation doesn't explain. It required some source-diving to figure out, so maybe someone else will find this useful: occasionallycogent.com/emacs_c

Someone on here bought a mechanical keyboard with the keys in the colours of the trans pride flag. Of course this is now impossible to find, please boost this into the fediverse so that that person can share it again :trans_heart:

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I wrote something again today, this time about something a little more controversial than Emacs customization 😬 occasionallycogent.com/against

@algernon That is very cool! I would love to have something that would let me type on my phone without getting frustrated, I will be following this project with great interest :D

I'm trying to write more things for public consumption, so I wrote a little bit about my recent foray into customizing my Emacs modeline. I would love some feedback about anything - content, presentation, something better to write about! occasionallycogent.com/custom_

After having used the JVM a lot, but entirely with Clojure, now actually trying to write Java for an Android thing is utterly frustrating. I'm currently drafting a political platform that will make writing private methods, properties, and constructors for your library a felony.

@algernon I've been feeling like it's time to block Lobsters for a while too...it seems like it's become a lot more like the sites I came there to avoid :/

TIL that if you want to ignore something just for your local git clone, you can put a gitignore-style glob in .git/info/exclude, instead of having to commit it to the .gitignore for everyone

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@davidrevoy Looks good on Firefox on macOS, but it seems to just be a still frame on iOS...don't see any controls or way to make it play either :/


Many people who followed the story of #Keyboardio, their backer updates, have been pushing them to consider writing a book about their experience. Reading their newest backer update, that feeling intensified tenfold. There's drama, mystery, anticipation, thrill, crime, and in the end, Good triumphs. It's starting to feel like it needs a movie too, not just a book.

Read it yourself at kickstarter.com/projects/keybo

I just learned about extended DCGs in Prolog and they are very cool. I even mostly avoided comparing then to monads 😬 occasionallycogent.com/prolog_

Spoilers for "The Missing" 

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