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James Cash 🍍 @jamesnvc@mastodon.social

@Sheepsticked Tinker does seem like one of the heroes designed to just make the game not be fun for the other team...at least Techies is kinda funny.

@noelle He also called me a loser on Twitter when I mentioned how terrible I found his art (without tagging him, mind!) :p

@Sheepsticked YAY, then find a group of four other folks in meepo suits & proceed to "poof" people :p

"How i [sic] Choose Software" - A webshit rants about not being allowed to be sexist in the FreeBSD IRC. In the process, he explains exactly why he shouldn't be allowed in the FreeBSD IRC, then proceeds to bikeshed how to keep all the _other_ sexists out.


(note, style is a blatant ripoff of n-gate.com/)

The bootcamp where I teach iOS development has started offering a blockchain course, which I hate. Am I morally compromised if I stay here, even if I'm not involved with that side of things (and argue with the cofounder about blockchain at every opportunity?)

Hrm, the witches.town theme on Mastodon dot social seems to not be displaying properly for me anymore...I see the ouroboros retoot button, but all the other icons are back to default...@Gargron is this just me?

Holy shit, that was a boring ass-vulnerability. Shame on EFF for being scary, and HTML email is Satan. We Told You So(tm)

I've been using eshell & dired more and more in lieu of a terminal emulator, but I switched today from st to alacritty, just because those suckless folks are such aggressively unpleasant dingalings

@Gargron Oof, techies + tinker? That's rough, wp

Oooh, the witches.town theme is very cool. I particularly like having a lil' Ouroboros re-toot button (matches my tattoo!)

Mainly for fun & because I miss garden CSS for ClojureScript, I wrote a little Prolog library to generate CSS github.com/jamesnvc/css_write

Why isn't there an 80's-style basketball movie from the perspective of the evil ☭ team called "Nothing But Nyet"?

I am not sure why, but writing code in Prolog just makes me happy. Something about the language is just so...welcoming and pleasant to me.

My comfort reading used to be pulpy fantasy & horror novels, to be excited by these strange and scary worlds and frighten myself by imagining inhabiting them.

Now, my go-to comfort re-reads are β€œPHP is a Fractal of Bad Design” and β€œPerl Best Practices”

Spent Earth Day going on a hike on the Bruce Trail with my ladyfriend & her mother. It was pretty muddy, but really beautiful out.

@sonya not really related, just because for searching programming & debugging stuff Google was trying to be too smart & autocorrecting things I really didn’t want it to

@sonya funny story, I first switched my default search engine to DuckDuckGo while I was doing an internship at Google :p