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I spent a while yesterday figuring out how to make a Helm source in Emacs with some nice little features that the provided ones come with, but the documentation doesn't explain. It required some source-diving to figure out, so maybe someone else will find this useful:

Someone on here bought a mechanical keyboard with the keys in the colours of the trans pride flag. Of course this is now impossible to find, please boost this into the fediverse so that that person can share it again :trans_heart:

I wrote something again today, this time about something a little more controversial than Emacs customization 😬

I'm trying to write more things for public consumption, so I wrote a little bit about my recent foray into customizing my Emacs modeline. I would love some feedback about anything - content, presentation, something better to write about!

After having used the JVM a lot, but entirely with Clojure, now actually trying to write Java for an Android thing is utterly frustrating. I'm currently drafting a political platform that will make writing private methods, properties, and constructors for your library a felony.

TIL that if you want to ignore something just for your local git clone, you can put a gitignore-style glob in .git/info/exclude, instead of having to commit it to the .gitignore for everyone

Many people who followed the story of #Keyboardio, their backer updates, have been pushing them to consider writing a book about their experience. Reading their newest backer update, that feeling intensified tenfold. There's drama, mystery, anticipation, thrill, crime, and in the end, Good triumphs. It's starting to feel like it needs a movie too, not just a book.

Read it yourself at

I just learned about extended DCGs in Prolog and they are very cool. I even mostly avoided comparing then to monads 😬

Spoilers for "The Missing" 

I'm watching the supergreatfriend "Let's Play" of "The Missing" now. From basically as soon as the game started, I was sure that JJ was trans, but I wasn't entirely sure why. Now, in episode 6, they start teasing the reveal of that.
I am just really curious what it was about the intro to the game that made that so obvious but left me unable to article why :/

@ambrevar Hey, I just wanted to let you know I just moved my blog from Jekyll + markdown to Org, based on your "A Blog in Pure Org" post.
Thanks a lot for writing that & publishing your setup, it was extremely helpful!

Made a Trans Pride flag in solidarity for Trans Day of Remembrance effect for Kaleidoscope, if anyone would like such a thing

I went back to a two-year-old Rust project & tried to get it building again with the latest stable Rust & updated libraries. It was surprisingly straightforward for the most part -- I could just check the updated project docs & let the compiler errors show what needed to change -- but oof did the changes to how the hyper HTTP client work take an annoying amount of time to fix :/

I know there's a lot of demand for reviews of books that came out 180 years ago, so I wrote a bit about my thoughts after reading *Democracy in America*

There should be a Highland Games's so ripe for all the classic sports anime tropes: You have all the different events that can have specialists, there's all the different techniques people can use...I would watch it!

You have a question for the #Krita developers?

Today, Boudewijn Rempt, Scott Petrovic and Dmitry Kazakov will reply them on this AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit!

Four weeks after thinking "how hard can it be to send iOS push notifications in Prolog without using some service" I've done it! Only needed to write a PR against SWI-Prolog's ssl library and implement my own HPACK + HTTP/2 parser & client library 😁

I wrote my first SWI-Prolog foreign library in C to let me call additional OpenSSL C functions on the SSL context object that the actual Prolog SSL library returns so I could set the TLS-ALPN option...and it worked on basically the first try. SWI-Prolog is so awesome to work with

Writing a Prolog DCG with delay/1, when/2, zcompare/3, and if_/3. I may be slightly confused, but I feel so powerful

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