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I just realized that CIDER lets you set function breakpoints, single-step, and see locals. This is so cool!

PSA for people who #code:

Looking stuff up does NOT make you bad at coding.

"Not having to look up stuff" is NOT the benchmark for a good coder, especially as coders have to look up stuff ALL THE TIME!

And I don't mean highly advanced stuff, but stuff like "How does division work again?" or "What's that function called?" or my personal favorite "How to I nest for loops in list comprehensions?".

It's ok if you have to look up stuff!

#coding #adventofcode

I finally figured out the Elixir deployment issues I've spent the last two weeks on-and-off trying to fix. This is my tale:

A short recap of what I've been up to in #Kaleidoscope land lately:

Includes topics such as suspend/resume, boot protocol support in #keyboard #firmware, mouse keys and #FreeBSD. And a few other things too.

Trying to make a complicated mobile website work properly on Mobile Safari is giving me uncomfortable flashbacks to hacking around IE issues. πŸ’’

Love that special kind of lazy where you start writing an issue then decide it'll be easier to just write the feature and submit a PR than write out a full explanation in the issue.

If you need another reason to abandon the bird site, here's a good one: it will happily allow you to butt-dial a $500 spend (without sending a push notification or at least an e-mail), and then will refuse to cancel the campaign when you contact their support (who are hostile and unhelpful to boot).

Thread here:

Awesome indie font designer Fabrizio Schiavi is having a sale on his fonts, 40% off!

PragmataPro is an excellent investment if you spend all day staring at code & if having nice emoji in Emacs is as important to you as it is to me, FSD Emoji is a great grab too.

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I think my pec tendon issue is actually my bicep tendon pulling my shoulder labrum. I just want to have a bench press that's proportional to my squat & deadlift, why must I suffer so.

Can't remember if I've done #introductions, so:

I code professionally in #Clojure and for fun in #Lua, #Emacs, and #Racket

I care deeply about making computing serve users thru #FreeSoftware but don't have easy answers as to how.

I sell DIY #keyboards and kits:

I'm doing #gamedev:

I grew up in Indonesia & Singapore and lived in Thailand 2 years.

It pains me to use all these #unironichashtags but I guess I need to get over it?

Yay, hit 100 WPM on my Model 01! Very happy to hit this milestone, having never used a split keyboard before. The Model 01 is so nice to type on, really feels like it's guiding your fingers.

Good morning, friends. Let's all be kind today!

Weird, got an Amazon package delivered at like 19:00...not from Canada Post or FedEx either; seemed to be just some dude with a barcode scanner & a milk crate of packages. Is this some new Amazon thing? β€œGig economy” delivery people?

TIL that using :io_lib.format in Elixir has some unpleasant gotchas with non-ASCII codepoints...had a very confusing bug that I thought was in the Clojure server receiving messages for quite a while.

The take-away is apparently to always use the `~ts` format specifier, not just `~s` - the `t` stands for "don'T mangle UTF-8", I guess.

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