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I know nothing about chess, but I am loving Joey Comeau's oft-shirtless cyberpunk speed chess videos.

is a young person in your life at risk of exposure to ayn rand?

give them a copy of _the dispossessed_. you may save them years or an entire lifetime.

Reminder that Project Gutenberg Canada exists

The site is formatted like it's from 1994, but it's got dozens and dozens of digitised books that are in the Canadian Public Domain


Aaand, there's a post soliciting talk proposals for LambdaConf on Lobsters now (I wonder which category talks about how great slavery is go in?). I miss when Lobsters was a social news site that wasn't full of vile people. Time to find another place to read, I guess.

I wrote a blog post about doing some fun things in Racket and how lenses made the trade-off between structured and free-form data much less troublesome:

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Yay, won my first game of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup! Minotaur Berserkers are pretty great. Thanks for the recommendation @Jephjacques -- especially for recommending the Ultraviolent4 videos, they realllllyyyy helped out

I would personally like to apologize for the antispam movement of the late 90s and early 00s. We did more harm than good. Nothing we did reduced the amount of spam significantly, and we created the centralization of email, where not only does your personal email belong to a monopolist, but to have an email newsletter, you must hire another monopolist to send it.

I'm sorry.

Writing a little thing in Racket (bot for interacting with Braid (new chat project I've been working on (, I've been very pleasantly surprised by how unsurprising & easy everything has been.

Yay, hit 112 WPM on my Keyboardio Model 01 yesterday (using Finally past my old best-ever on my normal keyboard (108 wpm). It is amazing how much the Model 01 helps typing...feels like it’s guiding your fingers to the right places & molds to your hands.

Our twins are four months old today, and holidays are approaching, and I thought it would be a good idea to give a little something to someone who could use it. This coming Sunday, I'll buy the "Be a Coder" bundle ( to someone who needs, and wants it.

If you'd like to have it, or know someone who would, and you (or them) can't buy it, contact me. Either via DM, or e-mail at

Boosting this toot for better coverage is most appreciated!

I ran in to a very annoying problem with passing Transit data from Clojure to things written in other languages -- turns out Transit has a caching feature that is kind of a pain to disable

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