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I have come to realization that is it time to start writing the next chapter of my professional life. The new CEO and his court seem[1] to be moving the company in a direction I don't like.

I am a Unix System engineer and software developer. I would like to move into more of a SRE type role.

I don't really know how to proceed. :thaenkin: :yikes:

1: I hear differing rhetoric from different levels, which is an issue in and of itself.

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Yay, I have finally managed to sit down a build a Guix channel with the kernel and iwlwifi firmware bits. Not the Guix would accept such and I now run non-free code on my laptop, but I do have wifi functional and can move on the other things.

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What do with my blog? I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to blog for while. The last entry was almost 9 months ago. I've been using , which does what I need. I would rather much write on org-mode instead of markdown but find the current org-mode blogging tools lacking.

I came across by @ambrevar describes a blogging setup using (I think) only org-publish. It is missing a few features: comments, tags, and search.

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why is it so difficult to buy a 19 inch tire on a sunday morning in auburn, al?

Good software engineers write simple software with simple tools, and it works. Bad software engineers write complicated software with complicated tools and it only works insofar as you run it on CPUs designed in the last 6 months on one of 2-3 operating systems on 1-2 architectures and provided you don't look at it too funny

generalized reminder that not everybody has the same boundaries as you and you'd better fuckin ask what peoples' boundaries are rather than pushing them until they push back

Signs of getting old, part 12765: I used to do "git init" as soon as I got an idea for a new project. These days I start outlining an architecture document instead.

'There is a form of #privacy being violated— activist Maciej Cegłowski calls it #ambientprivacy: “the understanding that there is value in having our everyday interactions with one another remain outside the reach of #monitoring, and that the small details of our daily lives should pass by unremembered. What we do at home, work, church, school or in our leisure time does not belong in a #permanentrecord.

Not every #conversation needs to be a #deposition.”'

1969: I bet we will have flying cars in the future

2019: Coffee with DRM

Reclaiming , by @yogthos 🔗

Reclaiming RSS

To escape censorship by Big Social, all web sites and blogs should implement this one trick.

My son is now at for with the . I hope he makes it into the band.

(He gets upset when I say )

Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.

—- Richard Feynman (disputed)

@drawandstrike As a former law enforcement officer who conducted threat assessments on persons who potentially posed a threat to themselves or others, my training and experience is that just removing their access to firearms is not the answer but temporarily involuntarily committing them for professional mental health evaluation, if indicated by the threat assessment, is a far better course of action. Threat assessment is not just about mental illness but also domestic violence.

@cwebber @cstanhope @dthompson

Tired: Someone is wrong on the Internet.

Wired: Many people are wrong on the Internet.

Mired: Everyone is wrong on the Internet.

I learned in sql that


Is NOT the same as

id =1000

The former helped me delete 1/2 of a production database before I stopped it.


Tech Twitter: Folks often focus on posting our wins on social media.

What's the most bafflingly stupid tech mistake you've made that you're willing to share?

RT for more sympathy-cringe responses?


My productivity has fallen of late. I need to fix this. I think if I can pull into and have learn how to handle pull requests from , I'd be better off, at least I'll be happier ;)

I managed to get working with the corporate skype thing. I now have IM moved to . I've had email for a while, haven't managed to get calendaring to work quite right with emacs from exchange, eventually it sort itself out.

I guess “I don’t know, make it somehow to be like OpenBSD” is not a sufficient answer to “How do you harden a Linux server?”


There is no good reason to post a job ad without a salary range. There are only bad reasons:

1. To keep current employees from learning they’re underpaid

2. To keep candidates unaware of the budgeted range

3. To use candidates’ salary histories as free market research


Good morning () . Can't sleep. I think I am overly worried about something, but I know not what.

May as well start the day early.

I am modifying some legacy code that runs on . I would rather not have to deal with AIX and ancient versions of perl, 5.10, for those who care.

My son has now moved to . Today was the first day of band camp.

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