Minimal Project Management is an alternative to agile. It focuses more on the work acceptance process than the work completion process.

One of the presenters at shared which is list of programs which enables self hosting of many services. I forget which talk, I believe it was 'Building your own "cloud"'. I had not realized there were so many options available.

is over. As always I learned a lot and met interesting people. It was the 3rd year I presented. I will post a link when available.

I thought working with elisp would be really confusing with it being just a lot of fucking about with lisps but it feels kinda natural and I hate to concede that all those wizards who said i shoudl commit to learning it might've been on to something.

It seems more problematic to share nifty things around emacs.

Perhaps I should learn OCaml or Haskell and share that code.

I am liking my $dayjob less. Last week they started blocking webmail. I am on more of an infrastructure team (as opposed to software developer team). A year or so ago we made the rule all our production scripts had to be perl or python. I understood the mindset, even while disagreeing with it.

I would much rather use the very subjective right tool for the job idea.

Most of my personal automation happens in guile as this seems the best functional scripting language with decent POSIX bindings.

Hmm, I am giving a talk Friday at . I actually need to write it. Hopefully, the turmoil of life has settled down enough so I can spend time on this effort.

If any of you happen to be in the Charlotte, NC area and have interests in GNU/linux check out .

My mind is like my internet browser:

19 tabs open
3 of them are frozen

& I have no idea where the music is coming from

I have discovered the phrase pomp and circumstance was coined by Shakespeare in Othello.

The music traditionally played at graduations is from a military march by Sir Edward Elgar.

The music is actually titled Pomp and Circumstance.

I have not yet ascertained why this particular musical selection is standard fare for graduation ceremonies.

There is entirely too much pomp and circumstance around high school graduation.

My oldest son graduates today. There is a break in the rain so they have moved it outside. I personally will find the entire ordeal more entertaining if it happens to start pouring rain during the ceremony and we have to relocate from the football field to the gym, which has no where near sufficient capacity.

There are over 500 seniors graduating, over 100 in the band, and however many family members are present.

Most of us seem to agree that democracy and bottom-up power structures are a good thing. Yet, the companies we work for are based purely on top-down, obey-or-get-fucked feudalism.

you can run `kill firefox` in a terminal / acme and get:

/bin/kill 8623 # rain 8623 Jun-03 251:48 611100K Sleep firefox
...snipped lines
/bin/kill 8702 # rain 8702 Jun-03 126:26 260716K Sleep firefox

this way you can inspect what would happen, make adjustments (in Plan 9, terminal output can be edited, you aren't limited to the shell prompt), select the text and Send it


you can run `kill firefox | rc` if you know what you are doing

also Apple's move from Bash to zsh in macOS Catalina is likely motivated by the fact that zsh has the MIT license.

The Bash version included right now is really old (from 2007).

This is not a new thing, see also Apple's great GPL purge:

I just discovered git worktree.

Very useful for answering around around how did code work 3 years ago.

Why management asks such questions and refuses to trust changelogs is a different issue.

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