Oh, I have all my (important services, except email) running on on a couple of . The next thing is to consolidate into a single linode, ensure services survive a reboot.

I can then sort out how to exim running in .

I have finally sorted out how to install and on . I now have git repositories viewable with gitweb, cloneable over https and .

The only thing I haven't sort out is how to keep /var/lib/gitolite set to 750. guix system reconfigure and reboots set it back to 700.

Moving my server to . Seems to have permission issues. Wonder how to make fcgiwrap with group ngnix.

is coming up in June. I guess I need to submit a talk or 2. Wonder what I should try to speak about this year?

I have given talks about various aspects of that last few years. I have also talked about and email encryption.

Perhaps I will submit another guix talk. (fai-project.org) is a possibility. An talk also seems interesting.

Perhaps I should submit 3 or 4 and see if one sticks.

Just load on an old Lenovo G560. The chip is giving me heart burn. Specifically, the brcmsmac module prevents the network service from starting. It mumbles something about can't start due to rf-kill.

I either need to sort out how to blacklist that module or load the kernel.org kernel and get the firmware blobs.

Oh, is having difficulties in . I suspect it is a path issue somewhere. This is unfortunate.

Anyone run with and on ? Something seems amiss. Repositories are present, just not visible to the web. I can run gitweb.cgi on the command line and it spews out proper html. I know not where to start troubleshooting. I am suspecting a perm error or fcgi issue.

pull takes a while in . Its been running at 98+% cpu for over 25 minutes. It claims to be 78% done. Perhaps 1 core and 1G of memory isn't sufficient. Hopefully services will run reasonably.

This week I am moving all of my web, git, and email servers from to . I may even blog about the experience. I may even find the motivation to write a stack script to standup a with guix automatically.

I converted my primary laptop from to a little over a week ago. I still have to sort out how to use my yubikey.

Check out meetu.ps/c/4pxjj/xhF5G/d on Meetup

First meeting is 17 July at 18:30 in Davidson, NC. We are going to talk about .


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