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Oh my. My son is taking a shower upstairs.. I hear water dripping in the living room.

Guess I cut a hole in the ceiling at some point in the not too distant future.

I like to automate my personal workflow as much as I can. I have been using or lately, depending if it needs to be a standalone program or integrated in .

If I share with colleages, I tend to get fussed at, especially if management hears.

Apparently if a thought cannot be expressed in , , or it has no business in the infrastructure.

I think I understand the fear of introducing a different language into production, but not my own personal workflow.



many ways to waste time.

Perhaps "waste time" is not the appropriate phrase.

I will posit that entering the world of zork is to playing some graphical game (I'm not a gamer, so I don't have a good example) is as reading the book is to watching a movie.

Reading a book isn't (presumably) a waste of time; playing zork shouldn't be considered a waste of time either.

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I found a plethora of old tech in the corner of the garage. I had enough bits to build a system, 2.5 G memory, 250Gb Sata hdd drive, and a 10/100 nic.

I was able to boot it, loaded with (

Wondering if I can find a use for this thing.

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@alpence @Debradelai Two of the best Twitter reactions she got:

``I just found out that my father, a life-long Republican, is now voting Democrat. He never would have done that when he was alive.''

``The fastest way to kill the coronavirus is to persuade Hillary Clinton that it plans to testify against her''

Awesome 😃

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@dethos Did you ever try building your #docker
image using #guix? These are reproducible by default, without *you* being the one to care about each package version. You just need to note single commit-id.
Ludovic Courtès shows this in his FOSDEM talk. You can even travel back in time easily.

(You might even come to the conclusion that you can achieve what you need with much less efford than with docker.)

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Being a good developer isn’t about writing good code. It’s about making tools that improve people’s lives without compromising their rights, freedom, and safety.

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If you’re a developer and you cannot make an app without riddling it with surveillance-based components and APIs by Google, Facebook, etc., you’re a really bad developer.

Stop being so careless, lazy, and thoughtless and learn how to make apps that respect people’s rights.

Well, this is somewhat discouraging. I had thought about standing up my own instance this weekend. Looks like such an endeavor is somewhat involved. doesn't look much different.

I think this will not be as simple as apt-get install mastodon or guix package --install mastodon.

Perhaps one of the docker files I see floating around will help.

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"Reading good books is like having conversations with the finest minds of the past." ~ René Descartes

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"Free software has many important achievements, nearly all of which have greater substance than “open source–” Free software is more honest, less corrupt, more thoughtful, and will ultimately be more effective at fighting non-free
software than its shill counterparts in the well-paid, often-bribed open-washing world."
#freesw #techrights #gnu #linux

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#Ubuntu is placing ads in its motd when you ssh in.

The way it fetches this ad is by doing

USER_AGENT="curl/$curl_ver $lsb $platform $cpu $uptime cloud_id/$cloud_id"

curl -A "$USER_AGENT" ...

In other words, Ubuntu is sending Canonical tracking information so it can serve you an ad.

This doesn't exactly run every time you log in (it caches the ad in /var/cache), but still... phoning home for a frickin ad?

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The last 28 years has been the slow process of nerds discovering that, no, it wasn't that it was linux -- it was that you did the installation yourself.

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We're finally living in the telecommuting world that was predicted. And I hope we never go back. Millions of white-collar workers going to the office every day was pure waste. Waste of fossil fuels, waste of time, massive CO2 emissions.

I think a huge amount of our "economic activity" is basically that, turning fuel into CO2 to produce nothing other than social proof that we're hard workers and deserve wages.

The guy at the coffee shop thought we should all have 4-hour work weeks. I agree.

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refactoring - the professional way of saying "I had to rewrite that shit."

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@sir I believe it is the reverse - the companies that are seeing problems with their uptime for (shitty code, no deployment practices, messy infrastructure), are trying to use docker k8s and other stuff to try to mitigate it. Unsuccessfully.

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