you accidentally hit ⌘Q instead of ⌘W and you just watch helplessly as a dozen @xcode projects all close...


@davedelong Who decided that two of the most common keyboard shortcuts Command-W and Command-A, should be right next to Command-Q? I mean, it's too late now, but I'd like to know…

@jamesthomson @davedelong After hearing my wife swear at her computer hundreds of times I remapped File->Quit in Safari to shift-command-Q. The swearing was reduced by at least an order of magnitude.

@wookiee @jamesthomson @davedelong Finally my choice to use Dvorak is recognized as the right choice.

/me remembers he uses Dvorak-Qwerty Command hybrid.


@jamesthomson @davedelong I re-map command-Q to command-option-control-Q for this very reason!

@jamesthomson @davedelong similar thing on the Logitech keyboard I use on my PC at work - shortcut key for the calculator is next to the power off short cut key. It’s not a surprise to hear me swear when I hit the wrong one when I’m working!

@jamesthomson @davedelong I will admit to cursing, out loud, in the office multiple times while being bitten by this artifact of poor keyboard shortcut grouping.

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