If you know anyone at a Historically Black College or University: Apple is partnering with HBCUs to offer a $25,000 grant and a 12-week internship/mentorship program to chosen Scholars: tmcf.org/our-programs/career-p

my favorite random fact: at one point, Pepsi was the sixth largest naval power in the world

Getting up early on weekends is something I only do if I have a flight, but the city is so quiet and beautiful around sunrise. I really should do it more often.

the three genders: chilled, ambient, sparkling

Also Tahoe was incredible. Can’t wait to go back in the winter 😊🎿

Derek asked me to take care of his plants while he’s in Texas and there’s about 30 of them all over my apartment now

It’s perfect

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@jamil The whole concept of decentralized platform is that everyone shouldn't be on the same instance. There are plenty of instances which cater more to people's interests, or are going to be stable despite the onslaught of new users. But the entire concept decentralization... everyone being on mastodon.social defeats that purpose.

I'm on tchncs.de not because I'm in Germany, but because I've used their other services before and trust them.

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@jamil Part of the appeal of mastodon, i think, is the community aspect of instances and the neighborhood feel they have. .social is a firehose, and with it, the moderation and likelihood for bad actors to thrive increases. But really, I think folx want other folx to find their tribe

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@jamil Everyone huddling on one server makes the network less distributed and kinda ruins the point

the more people spread to smaller servers the more accounts federate across the network (i.e. the more people appear in the federated timeline on that particular server) so discoverability is improved

Can someone explain why mastodon.social might not be the best instance to use? Or why some people encourage others to join different instances?

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My weekends for the next month:
- Lake Tahoe, CA
- Pinnacles National Park, CA
- Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
- GRE Test Day (😟)
- Toronto, Canada
- Los Angeles, CA

Just need to plan October next!

I actually really love that Mastodon doesn't show fav/RT numbers by default.

really liking mastodon so far, i think it really stands a chance of being the next app dot net

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any designers on here that wanna help out on a mastodon app for ios? particularly interested in working with you if youre part of an underrepresented group in tech.

boost for visibility? 😊

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I've been reporting any issue I see with Apple Maps in the iOS 12 betas, and believe it or not, Apple has actually been fixing all of them. Street layouts, misaligned buildings, incorrect hours - Apple actually fixes this stuff.
If you're a Maps user, and there's some little inconsistency that's been bothering you: take a few minutes out to actually report the issue!

The silhouette of my bamboo through the window shades makes it look like a painting

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