(also, is there something else we can call this federated network of servers other than Mastodon because I kinda feel like it's a protocol and not just a collection of servers who are all running the same hardware.. )

Reason #41749 that I like the mastodon network instead of twitter: my mom hasn't discovered it yet.

Today in "Marie's mind is working against her": What if every time someone addresses me in a group as "ladies" they're just gendering me that way because I'm femme and not because I'm triggering their lizard-brain "woman" detectors?

Wondering how long it will be before some of the assholes show up DOSing instances for shit reasons.

For day 4 of tights week, pink with this new top I forgot I had recently found. It's been a while since I wore heels all day long - 9am to 9pm and I had a lot of running around to do too! This is how I look most Thursdays, headphones to focus on working.
instagram.com/p/BS3i420FVeN/ mastodon.social/media/NinEFhpw

witches.town is down so I guess I'll come back to mastodon for tooting again. it'd be nice to have a way to link accounts so you can be sure I'm the same person.

Note: I'll mostly be posting from @jamuraa@witches.town from now until I start toying with other implementations.

I want a website that just shows the "fake" websites that TV shows and movies made up that are now real things because we moved away from the restrictions on TLDs. fake.website anyone?

I'm probably switching from mastodon.social to another instance later, since the performance on this "main" instance has been going downhill lately.

There's no easy way to do this, you need to re-bootstrap your social graph.

For , follow everyone who boosts this
but don't follow me
that'd be a toot daft

GDI I looked through my mastodon to see how many tweets I have and I saw this pic from 4 months ago and like, I feel like I don't make progress sometimes but..
mastodon.social/media/bTWZ_aQF mastodon.social/media/iyH7kLdt

I'm mirroring all my twitter posts here manually for now. Then also adding mastodon-specific ones.

Wondering how long until a GNU social / mastodon.social ifttt action happens.

Maxi dress number two of the week. Cold and windy and raining most of the day so I stayed in and coded. That might have been what I needed to eliminate plane crud I got coming back on Sunday. instagram.com/p/BSlhz22loU3/ mastodon.social/media/NuI-cGdy

Also hi I'm your friendly neighborhood woman in tech working from home and being super soft and stuff today.

Gosh it's like really nice to be femme. Like, I enjoy just existing now instead of being a lifeless lump.

It really is a shame that you need to make coffee without having your coffee first.

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