@dd86k@shelter.moe ok well I thought I was tech-savvy and then I read this

I have some weird form of technological OCD
I can't go more than 3 months without resetting my phone
It must be entirely b l o a t f r e e

@jimpjorps @Pixley@radical.town @adoxographer@olds.town you're right.

@Pixley@radical.town @adoxographer@olds.town ok, I guess I can go if you don't like strangers.

@Pixley@radical.town @adoxographer@olds.town I- I'm . . . sorry?

@Pixley@radical.town what's wrong with jokes? Or am I misinterpreting the toot? (Also, Mastodon is a hotbed of Linux nerds, I wouldn't take those jokes the wrong way 😆)

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