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when i was a kid i had the sims, and this being europe it had french and german on the packaging

underneath "the sims" it said "les sims" and "die sims", incidentally these are the two most popular things to do on the sims

There are so few hetero ppl that I'm starting to wonder how I got here

"When your dick is a baby head that's also a laser, not much in the world can really stop you."

The best part of Dvorak is when people borrow my phone

I just reset my (Android) phone and am no longer logged into Google whatsoever. :thounking:

reminder: other phones did the notch before the iphone and they were rightfully laughed at. then the iphone did it and it became widely popular

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I've realized that I don't really use Google for anything that important, so I've started taking steps away from it.

Mastodon culture is a direct result of its non-monetization. No need to artificially add weight to voices strategically determined to hold your attention and make you see more ads. No algorithm feeding you posts designed to stoke your outrage, keeping you engaged with the platform for longer than you otherwise would have been, longer than you would have liked. No AI gatekeepers preventing important posts from people who care about you showing up in your feed.

The medium is the message.

You are all my comrades.

Hey :b:otorola, can I please get uhhhhhh 9.0 Pie? No?

Confirmed update date? No? Ok.

No stable lineage rom? Ok . . .

incompetence levels are currently at 70% but fluctuating wildly

(70%) ■■■■■■■□□□

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