The key question posed at every protest site: Indian Muslims chose secular India over Islamic Pakistan in 1947. Will Indian Hindus now reject Hindu Rashtra and affirm that India will remain secular?

@subirwa exactly. It is when Ujjwala was cited as a reason that I decided we have no clue what's going on and will latch on to anything, just anything, except bigotry as the reason for Modi win.

I wish we have a mass civil disobedience movement fascists need to be shown their place in the world

What's truly scary about the Hyd encounter yesterday - everyone lauding the police know it was intended, no one believes the cover up. This is what our society has become.

@dushyant read the oke by Benjamin Zachariah. Also the classic S Gopal one is still useful

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Sudha Bhardwaj who filed the first affidavit for the villagers is now falsely accused & in jail. This is what happens to those who fights for human rights. Don't prosecute Sudha. Prosecute the forces who were responsible for this massacre.

How does a South Asian respond to Germans commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall? Some such questions posed and answered by Rama Srinivasan


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