So, managed to add a couple feeds to a self-hosted Aperture instance. If only they’d update, though.

The Watchtower service wasn't running the way it should. Had to add it to my host's `/etc/systemd/system` folder and tweak the command a bit.

Newly added feeds work fine, it seems. Some just remain empty. Re-adding doesn’t work, even after manually removing all traces of them from the database.

Could be the hosted service just works, but Ima conclude for now that Microsub server software just ain’t there, yet. And that’s okay: I can easily share—to my own site, even—from any regular feed reader.

Couple more quick notes: requires Imagick, may need to update XRay in order to be able to parse some feeds.

Got Camo up and running, and discovered an issue with one of the feeds that wouldn't load. So, yeah, works.

*works again (Found some feeds at one point somehow remained 'pending', which resulted in them no longer being added to the queue. Maybe because the cron job ran while Beanstalkd was [still] down? [I'm a total noob when it comes to this.])

Anyway, the conclusion remains: Microsub is nice and all, but a decent RSS reader is better, as long as you can somehow easily share from it to your own site. (Several solutions exist.)

@janboddez Totally agree. I love my Inoreader because of some UX and UI decisions in it. Great keyboard shortcuts, visual representation of feeds and more. Most microsub readers lack this important part of reader-apps. It's too much of a technical solution instead of a human solution. I have inoreader connected to Zapier to share to my own site through Micropub.

@frank I've been playing around with the Aperture Microsub server for a few days now, and now Monocle. Tried self-hosting and am almost there. Turns out you need: Monocle, which seems to require an XRay (the API variant) instance, an Aperture instance with ImageMagick support, Redis, a MySQL database, a running Camo-compatible image proxy, and Watchtower, which requires a second MySQL database, a custom system service and Beanstalkd, and ... No, that would be all.

@frank Also installed the (equally self-hosted) Miniflux RSS aggregator and reader: one docker-compose.yml file and that's about it.

@janboddez Ha, you see! This whole Indieweb DIY Own Your Data is só ready for primetime big audiences! ;-)

@frank It may be, if you resort to services hosted elsewhere, like Bridgy,, and all at 😃

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