So, finally managed to send a webmention to a site that’s not mine! (Ima have to look into adding an avatar of some sort. Also, I kinda miss a link back to my post, though I guess it’s entirely up to the “destination site” to add one or not. Finally, I might wanna think about the possible consequences of using specific markup.)

@janboddez It is. mf2 within your comment is some sort of a problem. There's a lot of interpretation and some don't even display mentions at all (moderated or not). Looking at you @jlelse ;)

I wonder… I've never seen someone making use of blockquote / q element to allow proper quoting of other microformated data:

@bekopharm My “required” mf2 properties should all be there, and seem to be picked up okay—but I’ll check again regardless. I also don’t mind if site owners display only part of a post, or nothing at all, but if they do, a link back not just to my “author profile” but also to the actual post would be nice, as it’ll always be the “canonical” source of my “comment.”

@janboddez feel free to try mine: - I run kinda vanilla on the webmention-plugins. No fancy CSS on the comments yet.

@bekopharm That said, I know site owners/webmention implementations don’t generally respect deletions/updates, either. (I definitely don’t, yet.) 😊


I think mine does but not for the ActivityPub endpoint. Webmentions should work fine tho.

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