Turns out a lot of IndieWeb peeps’ RSS feeds are rather incomplete. Like, if I subscribe to their Microformats feed, everything is there, while RSS items are missing text. Should be an easy fix.


This is mostly true for “checkins.” Like, I know I, using a proper IndieWeb reader, could subscribe to your Microformats feed (which most people’ve never heard about) instead, but why not also either add some context to the RSS items, or leave them out (of general feeds) altogether?

Tend to care a lot less, by the way, about replies to Tweets, likes, RSVPs and checkins than I do about articles, notes, and bookmarks. (In feed form, that is—I expect them to be quite important to the receiving parties.)

Update: I’m right now seeing a checkin pass by, and it is quite probably my Microsub client that adds some very necessary context. The HTML—`e-content`—itself is still absolutely meaningless.

@janboddez not sure if my webmention came through to your blogpost on this, but I added some things at zylstra.org/blog/2019/12/12031

@ton Interestingly, it did not. (There's two Webmention requests in the raw server logs around that time, and neither came from your site.) However, my gripe with certain feed entries is their `e-content` (mf2) or `description` (RSS), i.e. post body, is often missing "crucial" information (which _is_ typically present in the metadata, which some readers can't access or parse).

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