I’ve just updated (the Docker images powering) my Aperture install—Aperture is an RSS and IndieWeb aggregator. Working on a blog post, too. (A _lot_ of work, actually, because of Aperture’s many dependencies. Should probably just create a Git repo and let the config files speak for themselves.)


A very early attempt: github.com/janboddez/aperture-. (Note that this won't give you a working install, at all. It's missing a web server config, the Watchtower service and cron job, `composer install`, and database migrations.)

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Just set up a new, working Docker-powered Aperture/Watchtower/Camo instance with these exact instructions! 😆 Main thing still missing, except maybe better docs, is an example NGINX config.

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(Had to quickly disable some debug/SQL logging because of a permissions thingy, but the updated defaults should just work. I think.)

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