Updated my, err, ‘colorful source snippet generation script’ to pick one of a few predefined aspect ratios, so that page layouts no longer shift as tiny, blurry placeholder images are dynamically replaced by lazily loaded images. janboddez.tech/notes/317220007

En als jij nu denkt dat dat 'voortgangsspinnertje' ooit met draaien stopt, ben je net zo naïef als ik. (En niet het minste spoor van een foutmelding.)

There are some really interesting NES (!) games in the making, and Orange Island's one of them. orangeislandgame.com/

RetroPie, inside an actual Space Invaders Part II cocktail table.

That small piece of wood in the bridge pickup pocket will be used to fill the cavity next to the neck pocket. The neck pocket stamp, I believe, reads 'Oct 26, A.M.' Underneath the metallic red, an earlier surf green finish peeks through.

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