Aaand IndieWeb readers should no longer pick up my notes as articles.

Stopped trying to self-host Monocle, too. Because it doesn't make sense, even though it seemed to run okay.

Found a few minor errors in my Aperture—a self-hosted Microsub server—Docker setup, so I went ahead and fixed those.

“I fully expect my personal website to outlive Twitter and as such have decided to take full ownership of the content I’ve posted there. In true IndieWeb fashion, I’m taking ownership of my data.”

@pcrock (Besides the actually useful tips: as a last resort or temporary workaround, you could try scheduling, using cron, a reboot once a week or so, rather than wait for it to hang.)

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10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

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A hundred times this. “It’s been pretty interesting to learn more about running a small business and so far I like it more than I thought I would.”

Someone recently reminded me of my “brochure site” WordPress theme, which supports pages _only_. (Requests for automatic archives or feeds get served a 404, so theme developers can focus on what actually matters.)

Both Aperture and Monocle still running. Should do some sort of write up—include my Micropub “hacks,” too.

@ndegruchy Yeah, love WordPress for managing content (and media), not so much for all of the front-end bloat most themes invoke. I base most of my sites off some Underscores offshoot, though, which helps a lot. Built-in responsive images is awesome, too. Currently experimenting with running WP headlessly, so the front end can be literally anything. Hard bit there is the disconnect—no quick previews, etc.

@chris Thought of moving NGINX inside a container of its own, but felt that’d just needlessly complicate things. (That said, I’m a bit of a, uh, complete DevOps noob.)

@chris I have my reverse proxy—NGINX—live right on the host OS, and certbot too, and actual code and dependencies (mostly) inside containers. Each Docker service that requires outside access has its own ‘virtual host’ file and `server` block, and its own certificate. Works okay, so far.

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According to most websites I see, ‘responsive’ design does not mean optimal/usable design. Linearizing the layout is only one step.

If the logo takes up ¾ of the screen on every page and the eventual text is some narrow typeface in light gray that’s no more discernable than a pencil smudge, among other problems, well...

That’s why browsers supply a Reader feature now (thank goodness), because web ‘designers’ (and site owners in general) can’t be relied on for visitor’s sake, ironic as it is.

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i have become the de facto IT person at work purely because i know where the centre align button is in word, whereas my colleagues prefer the 'press the space bar a hundred times' approach

I had already added a honeypot field to my (hand-coded) contact form, to stop automated spam. Up next: flag messages containing “SEO.”

@frank Er bestaat ook een `jetpack_photon_url` filter. Je zou, denk ik, aan de hand daarvan met slechts enkele regels PHP eventuele geëscapete ampersands kunnen decoden en daarna weer alle ampersands door `&` vervangen.

@frank Ja, Miniflux wil je feed eenvoudigweg niet meer updaten. Anyway, best de Jetpack-developers ’ns pingen, dus. (Intussen zou je de CDN-module even uit kunnen laten – of met ’n filter hook [?] die URL herschrijven?)

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anyone else feel like google have been losing their touch lately?

@frank Louter ter info: m’n RSS-reader heeft sinds gister moeite met je feed. Lijkt op een niet geëscapet ampersandje in de ‘icon-URL’. 'Unable to parse Atom feed: "XML syntax error on line 20: invalid character entity &ssl (no semicolon)"'

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