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(Thing is, they may just be, "Hey, this piece of text right here is somewhat interesting, let's cut and paste that someplace," and not so much, "I should probably revisit this website one time.")

Another dumb question! Most of my somewhat IndieWeb'd "notes" are (probably) "bookmarks," even though I don't (micro)format 'em as such. So: should I?

I think I’ve posted this before, but just came across it again. If bookmarklets do work on mobile, this may be an interesting, though limited, alternative to Micropub. “IndieWeb Link Sharing”

“If you haven’t done so already, you should really switch to Firefox. Then encourage your friends and family to switch to Firefox too.”

Just imported my feeds, too, and about to leave Feedly behind. 😃

Natuurlijk komt die content er niet vanzelf. De mijne ook niet. Moet je maar rommel schrijven waar mensen wél voor betalen.

Ik dacht meteen aan onze nieuwssites. Die van Humo probeert er nog een humoristische draai aan te geven, zag ik eerder vandaag, maar in wezen is het net dezelfde onzin. Laat al maar. Ik hoef niet met reclame bestookt.

“Not everything needs to be tracked. Not everything needs to pay off. It’s perfectly fine to do things because it’s fun, feels good, is interesting, tickles your brain, or just helps someone out.”

Got Camo up and running, and discovered an issue with one of the feeds that wouldn't load. So, yeah, works.

Oh, one more remark: if your database password contains any special characters, you'll want to use a _urlencoded_ version in that DATABASE_URL variable.

Went the docker-compose route, and made only one change: rather than map port 8080 to port 80, I mapped it to another port, so NGINX can do its thing.

“I also play music, and I’m good at it as long as I’m sitting in a corner at an instrument or console, making stuff up for my own pleasure. […] In my heart I remain an amateur. The spirit of play is where my gifts lie.”

(‘Allez, jong, da’s toch just goe?’ Alleen als je wilt verkopen.)

Denk dat Trump nog 'ns moet tooten; m'n aandelenportefeuilletje is alweer net zo duur als enige maanden geleden. (Dedju.) 'Brexitoptimisme stuwt beurzen'

And, more importantly, do English speakers feel bothered or confused by my Dutch ramblings (if they get to even see them)? Should I set up a separate account? (I used to, way back on birdsite.)

How do y'all deal with different languages on here? I've set my preferences to only display Dutch, French, English and German toots, but I'm not sure if this applies to the public timeline only, or across all timelines (or all of the Fediverse).

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