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“Everyone who wanted it had their own little corner of the web. The sites were simple. Most of the content was of little to no use to anyone, but every site was different. You got a little taste of someone’s personality when you visited their website.”

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In the 2010s people decided they didn't like writing blogs and instead preferred to write "tweetstorms," which is like a blog except randos can start replying to you after you're only halfway done, and you can get realtime feedback on whether the mob likes or dislikes every single sentence in your post. People vastly preferred this new system

Recently added (optional) category support for my fairly dumb "OPML to Blogroll" sync plugin. Will probably push the changes before having it added to the public repo.

Figured I'd give the Post Kinds plugin a try. Two things: (1) looks like it moves the title field below the content editor, which I find looks messy; (2) I kinda prefer Custom Post Types for notes, likes and what not—makes for tidier Admin screens.

“When I come across a new WordPress plugin or theme with the term ‘SEO’ in the name, I cringe. It is used so often as a marketing term that it has lost meaning for me.”

"Congratulations, your plugin hosting request has been approved."

Oh, I never really use hashtags, like . (Sorry for that; I'm not really looking for exposure.)

One's a health check plugin that's gonna go anyway, and three are CF7 + Flamingo + Honeypot and thus sorta count as one.

I'm at 7 plugins, currently, so not too bad, and none really add a lot of front-end bloat. The aforementioned Kirki—and Meta Box, too—really just help me code faster. Mostly.

And it's started. "We would like post titles on the homepage to be different from the actual titles, and featured images, too. And be able to change everything." Custom fields to the rescue. (I've already centered the entire site around WordPress's the block editor—then used Kirki in order to make certain header items editable, too. It was that or yet another widgetized area, plus some magic.) Think Ima go with the Meta Box plugin—it's been a while—as my time's rather limited, too.

Seriously, I click a button and you don't set non-essential cookies. How hard can it be? "We are processing the requested change to your cookie preferences. This may take up to a few minutes to process."

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I stopped using & deactivated my Facebook profile about 16 months ago. Facebook choosing Breitbart as a "trusted news source" was a great reminder for me to finally get around to that last step and delete my account today! #DeleteFacebook

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(For the record, I wouldn’t. I would, however, *tax* the rich.)

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‘De studiotafel lijkt op een ouderwetse cafétoog, wat sommigen inspireert.’

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Weinig later gaat het dan over ‘Herrit’ Callewaert, Clement Peerens en Joe Roxy, en mijn liefde voor het Nederlands, flauwe moppen, en hoe daadwerkelijk nepnieuws onze democratie ondermijnt. En, zoals eerder vandaag, over kerklatijn, maar dat terzijde.

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My Dutch-language shitposts appear mostly on these days. Not sure maintaining multiple online identities really is the way to go, but yeah.

I’ll probably redirect my “tech” domain to one that’s basically just my last name. Seems equally appropriate, really. Looking forward to hosting my kids’ very first personal site's on it, in, like, twelve years or so. (And eventually letting go of “” for my personal email.)

For a moment there, I considered going back to full-on WordPress, try and mold its typical IndieWeb setup to my liking, document the process for others to possibly follow, but I’ll probably pass.

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