There’s a lot of camera covers & stickers out there.
They all miss an important detail.
Here’s a design proposal:

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@tricoteur my laptop is a Librem 13. :) But people also use other devices, and the majority don't use Linux.


:jealous: I am saving up for a Librem 13. Probably not until 2019. <looks sadly at the 2013 laptop in use>

@tricoteur have to say that their laptop body at least is the same as one from Tuxedo Computers (just without the switches) – that's much cheaper if you are in Europe.


Well, I am not in Europe at the moment, but had not previously known that brand. Thanks for the link! Since there will be a month or two before I have enough $$ saved, I can explore some other options.

How are you liking the Librem 13?

@tricoteur like it a lot so far! Great design, nice keyboard, and it can even run the occasional game. :) (Only having some issues with the microphone not working. Might well be software-related since neither the onboard one nor a headset works, but haven’t investigated much yet.)

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