Hey Mastodonians, #GNUSocial citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the #fediverse in just one click!

Join the global social network!
#mastodon #selfhosting #federation

@nextcloud Wait, I'm confused, can they join the Fediverse or just Mastodon? Because all I see in that pic is a Mastodon logo.

@freakazoid @nextcloud we use ActivityPub, which is the standard protocol of the fediverse. We just chose the Mastodon mascot for the picture because it’s by far the biggest project supporting ActivityPub and gets the point across quickly. :)

@jancborchardt @nextcloud Yes, it gets the point across that Fediverse == Mastodon and no other projects matter.

Bad form.

@jancborchardt @nextcloud Sick of open source projects, especially ones run by companies, responding to criticism by suggesting the critic make the fix themselves. Do better.

@freakazoid @nextcloud we welcome constructive criticism, and other open source projects do too. I told you why the graphic is how it is, and a big part of it is that I have other things to do also, like working on the actual software. Stay friendly, we are all people.

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