The only part that is surprising about Stallman's resignation is why he was tolerated for such a long time.

People have been bringing this up for years and privileged people chose not to listen.


26 years ago RMS searched for an example that "actually" would add a noteworthy angle about community members getting offspring and settled on seahorses…

You *can* read something anti-feministic into this if you absolutely want. And quote mining could even give you this: "…more interesting, since it would be the male…"

Unfortunately this kind of "keeping track" of things devalues anything in that wiki for me considerably.

@mray one thing you disagree with does not devalue all the others. There is plenty more to find. Even just in the article about the recent events:

RMS galama 

@jancborchardt until I have evaluated the others it does devalue them. Also the the sheer number of entries becomes less meaningful.

Similarly the article you linked takes inapproriate offense about a very serious issue, based on an unnecessary hairsplitting of the meaning of "assault".

Given the context I don't care about being a bit too harsh with describing the predator, but RMS wants to be precise. That is not making him complicit or supportive of what happened.

RMS galama 

@mray no. "until [you] evaluated the others" does _not_ devalue them, it just means you are privileged enough to afford having ignored them until now.

Sorry, I’ll not discuss more about this since I think this doesn’t do justice to the severity of what happened.

RMS galama 

@jancborchardt I agree, at this point our mutual understanding would probably only do justice to seahorses.

RMS galama 

@jancborchardt the article is so embarassing: "There are so many things wrong with what Richard Stallman said I hardly know where to begin. First, he didn’t even give the typical, whiney, ‘he’s accused but not convicted’ defense. No, Stallman went much further than that. Instead, Stallman said “…

She literlally doesn't articulate a single thing there what is wrong, just posting things he wrote and adding:

"This is someone who is respected far and wide by the technology community." 😩

RMS galama 

@mray she is posting things he wrote, and those things are appalling. In one short email message he manages to be both misogynist and homophobic. This is already enough.

Please do not @ me about this anymore, thanks. Recommended reading:

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