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Waiting for with approximately 100 other hackers at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. 🚂

Inexpensive hotel available for #35c3 

Before I cancel: Does anyone need a hotel: "ROOM WITH 2 SINGLE BEDS" in IBIS LEIPZIG CITY without breakfast 2018-12-26 - 2018-12-31= 284.05 Euro. A credit card is required for payment. #35c3

Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

Corporate surveillance 

There is the view that Facebook or Google knows more about you than you know about yourself, but actually I think this is an illusion.

One of the many problems with corporate surveillance - the secret which they'll never admit to - is that it doesn't really work. It's more mirage than substance. Looking at what the Twitter marketing analysis thinks I am, it could hardly be more erroneous, and yet you can be sure that there are elaborate statistics and AI producing that fake model.

Machine learning and its behavioristic paradigm isn't magic. It's subject to the same psychological hangups that people are, including confirmation bias and being too hasty to draw conclusions from too little evidence. Bad decisions feed back upon bad decisions to produce worse ones.

So the danger from corporate surveillance isn't necessarily that it knows you too well, but that it confidently creates a model of you which is quite likely to be false, and that can have consequences.

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