What's the best iOS client nowadays? Before that was Amarok but maybe life evolved.

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Back on Mastodon. Because I liked this place a year ago. Then it became a bit too in-crowded making me no longer feel comfortable (funny though).

This was a difficult day. I did learn something so there’s that, but it was challenging to stay calm.

I don’t always agree with Steve, but this one is so spot on it should be on everyone’s must-watch list. youtu.be/QD8N8N7wzmM

Which tech folks should I follow on here? Interested in agile processes, worklfows, programming and people mamagement 😃

At the end of the day, remember that CRLF is bad when working with Linux just as case sensitive folder structures don't work on Windows (everything sucks in a way) and set your git settings to:

git config --global core.eol lf
git config --global core.autocrlf false


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So, in case you are wondering, and I had no clue it could do that, you can run an intermediate hash when your docker build fails like so: docker run --rm -it <hash> bash

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Drove me mental btw, bash saying `/bin/sh: 1: /somefile.sh: not found while it was there and in the end I noticed (when debugging inside the container) it failed on /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter...

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Up next, fixing my Windows environment to work with LF and not ruin my Linux Docker containers with silly ^M chars at the end of each line. Or did you think this day was over?

The advantage of two days of partying for our birthday kid during the normally wrecking CEST change weekend: what CEST change?

A bunch of kids attacking a birthday cake is much like watching a pack of lions devour prey. The only thing missing was a nice voice-over by David Attenborough.

@janjoris that being said, what’s the best client out there today for iOS? Are we still rocking Amaroq or do we have a new kid on the block?

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For some reason, I felt like coming back here. What’s happening? Did I miss something?

On a positive note, now I'll have a clean setup to create @jan@herebedragons.io

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Completely killed my own instance with a rebuild of my containers. I know, I know. My experience with Docker is very limited, but this way I'm learning. Failure is part of that. So, I'm on my way to becoming a master. cc @alex

@Gargron when I add myself on another instance, it works like it should.

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Say @Gargron, I setup my instance to use the root domain and live on a subdomain. But, I made a mistake at first and now, for some reason, on this instance it points to the sample info (mastodon.example.com) instead of the right one. When I add myself on another instance, it's correct. Can it be the data is cached and not updated? The handle @janjoris should point to @janjoris

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