delicious, refreshing and healthful Radon Water

The 1920s were basically Silicon Valley Startup Mania except with 'Radioactivity' instead of 'Artificial Intelligence' as the toxic snake oil


@natecull In the '50s everything was ATOMIC, in the '80s the word was TURBO, and way back when it was MAGNETIC.

@jankoekepan Fact check: TRUE

I always had a mental image of someone carefully running a bar magnet over a dog until things stuck to it

@natecull Yeah, but I'm not legit until someone points and me and screams obscenities about fake news.

By today's standards I'm failing.

@jankoekepan omg and Mesmer hung out with another magnet freak, a priest named, and I am not making this up,


@natecull To be entirely fair, that sounds a lot less scary if you speak German.

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