Autistic folk, what improvements could your place of work do to make your life easier?

1) workers control the means of production
2) democracy of the workplace
3) turn the fucking music off
4) destroy the profit motive


How’s that boot taste bud?

I guess you never did any volunteer work at all ever.

@jankoekepan you literally said “The only way of destroying the profit motive is destroying all possible means for people to better their own lot, or that of their families.” Maybe you can’t imagine a version of the world founded on generosity and truly efficient allocation of the world’s resources, but I can.

Plus, all profits are the stolen wages of workers like me. We create value through our labor and receive a starvation wage in return, while the capitalists steal the rest.

@jankoekepan I’m not afraid of discussing anything. You’re a rando (strike 1) from m.s (strike 2), your bio is 1 word (strike 3), and YOU came into MY mentions claiming to have knowledge of the true nature of humankind and how it coincidentally supports the status quo—which in case you’ve forgotten is killing the planet. You’re out.

Death. To. Capitalism.

@jankoekepan this was possibly the most verbose way of deliberately misunderstanding “profit motive” and “means of production.” I’m not talking about “self-improvement” and I’m definitely not talking about my fucking mastodon mentions.

Just like this post so I know you saw it and I’ll block you.

@jankoekepan I don’t owe you a debate or anything else for that matter. Bye.



And nobody owes you credence. You want to throw around big ideas? Bring big explanations.

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