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Here are 3 things why I believe the future of Ruby can be bright:

1) Lots of modern libraries are growing very fast these days
2) Modern Ruby implementations are in the works, and they show very promising improvements in performance. Especially TruffleRuby[1] and Ruby+OMR[2]
3) Rails seems to have less influence on the ecosystem these days (controversial? maybe)

1) chrisseaton.com/rubytruffle/
2) developer.ibm.com/open/2016/11

@solnic I'd add three more points:

4) Ruby's ecosystem is big and a lot of libraries have become stable
5) Rails stays a good choice for webdev (at the same time agree with your on 3, it's healthy for the community to have more successful non-Rails projects)
6) It's more fun to program in Ruby than in comparable languages (still)

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Ruby source code 

# Prints number of users across Mastodon instances

require 'open-uri'
require 'nokogiri'


puts doc.css('tr').map { |tr|
td = tr.css('td')[1]
(td && td.text).to_i

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“Mastodon is a good technical achievement, but that’s not enough” by @stopsatgreen
Good read. Points out what Mastodon needs for long-term viability.


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